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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exhausting S Spreeee! :)

Yesterday and today .. I really has spent a lot! :D Tuesday with leena and Wednesday with my bro and sisters! Geeee!~~ :D
and if U are wondering... NO! Its not my scholar. the amount still remain intact! Haaha. Just i received money.. U can say salary for helping my Uncle! XD not much but quite OK! ~ Hehe

Oh i bought few things. but too lazey to say what it was and to post the pictures! :D But basically I also bought present for Bonda and my sisters and brothers!!!! Good rite?? Ah! Im so happy finally after touring all the shopping malls at Star Hill i finally found the suitable and good presents for them! ;) 
So now U can say la actually I din spend only for my own but also for family! :D

Oh guess what?? :D Im going out with Jeannie tmlo!! <3 Oh youuuuuuuuuuuuu!! We have not meet for months!!! Almost 5 monthssss! Ceh U if only u studied here somewhere in KL or Klang Valley! *sigh* But nemind i will surely have lotsssss to talk about with U! :D And dun worry ive prepared my Tummy for food tml! :D


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