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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Me! :D

I was asked this question : How DO u deal with a difficult customer? 

*What i wrote down is not the way i answered them at first cos U know who ask such question in early morning. Of cors my inner self and brain has not yet warmed up and i couldn't give my long..longggg speech for that. But this Question does bother me a lot!*

My suppose-to-be answer .. 

Humans are complex being. There is not such thing as difficult person, difficult customer. The person closest to U she can't possibly be the easiest person to handle, in fact he might probably be the worst to handle. So, in our job we have to be optimist and provide our customer with the best service that we could. So, in my place, I would treated all of them as the same. They are our customer, no matter what. Difficult? I don't think they are difficult. Maybe one person tends to ask more question and has highly inquisitive minds so they tend to ask to satisfy themselves with that knowledge. 
What's more important is how U dealing with them. How u talk, how u answer them and how U interact with them in ways that gives them a good impression of U *also ur workplace* and in return to gain their Trust. Trust is the key factor and main point in succeeding ur consultation and for successfully marketing ur products. This will later gives a good image to yourself, as well as ur profession and company! x) 

How was it? Oooo.. I really hope that I give this answer instead of my lame answer this morning! :((   

Yah human!

Total ridiculous thing of the Month! (My world)

1. U guys DO KNOW rite that SMOKING is Bad! 
BAD in many ways. Stop saying the crap that I am not smokers so I don't know what U actually go through. Cos i treasure my life.. And also my body and I am so Reluctantly and Strongly DISAGREE of being the object of harm of UR SMOKING habit! U watch many advertisements, read many articles, see many effects of smoking. Yet U keep ur eyes closed and continue doing it. Smoking and Drug addiction in one way is very similar to one another. All is about addiction and habit. So don't look down on the drugs addict if U urself are sooooo strongly addicted to smoking! 

2. When i say or actually state the fact that the harm of 1 shisha equals to 400 of normal, mild cigarettes. U answered me back with "But the taste is nice. And, oh come on, it don't smell bad. And only for a while"!
So tell me peeps, taste is nice but it only remains temporarily rite? Please do have a pity to ur body especially Ur lungs who worked 24/7/365/infinity for keeping U alive yet is that how u pay it with? 

3. Skinship
This is like a PDA thing! Public Display of Affection! :) But hello please this is normal k, nothing to be shy about. Skinship is normal especially when U are with ur close ones. I for example, are among those who practicing this. Yet what makes me so pissed off is the fact that... this soooo-called BFF of mine, we are so used of skinship *not that i touch her at any private or inappropriate site*. But after getting a new BF, she told me to minimise or stop skinship-ing *is that a word ;)* with her! WTH! But the fact that she allows her BF who she had only known for less than 2 years to touch her..... That makes me crazeeee ok! Cos that is totally ridiculous! 

4. We are suppose to do a study on a type of drug/medications that are normally taken by public. We chose A at first. We agreed on it. After gathering lots of infos, one of my group member works very hard to convince and makes my group changeeeee the drug we had agreed on to a new one! U know what is the reason for that? Only because drug A is indicated for sexual function. And she said its very embarassing to talk about that!! OMFAG! U know what! That is the most ridiculous and lamest reason i have ever heard. And U are a what? Biology student! And baka. U have studied the anatomy of human.. And OCP/contraceptives/steroids are all drugs involved in sexual function.. and U what? Gosh that is the lamest k? And now shit cos of ur brilliantly lame reason, we have to change everything and do all the job all over again! I thanks u sooo damn a lot for that! 

-signed by ME-

Life Life!

Every one of us wants a happy ending.. A happy things to end our story with. No matter what it is. All of us are searching for happiness.. But the question is, which would U choose? The one that give u what U desire at the moment or something that gives U eternal comfort although it might not be as what U desired. 
Life is Paradoxical! We can't living it with the thought that 'I would end this with this'! Cos it so not end with that. The end of A means the beginning of B. The end with B means the beginning of C.. And the list goes on. And so does our life! 

What do we really seek for in our life?
Are we searching for luxury? For living in a luxurious life where U can owns all the brand good items in the world Like seriously, i could still accept if the shoes worth RM100-300+. But seriously, what do U think when someone told you they bought and wore a shoes worth RM4K!???I mean, I know that its money so its their choice and everything. But hello! U are literally 'stepping' on RM4K which if U use wisely could have helped in many things. Geez.... But for how long does the satisfaction of all these brand good stuff might remains? Soooo many things U have to think of. All these stuff are temporary. It changes over time. Is this what U looking for? The unending and continuous lust over things... U spend too much on it yet it won't be able to give u the happiness! 

I always wondering about that. I have been sooo darn ignorant all this while that makes me somehow regrets a few things that I've done in life. The possibility of what IF do not do A and decides on B instead. Would it makes me happier and better than now? All the WHAT IFs might haunt U sometimes. And all these emotions, i dunno partly because of the raging hormones or was it cause of watching too many dramas or listening to too many love songs or was it influenced by lovebirds around? I, myself cannot stop myself lusting over things. And yes, just accept the fact that We R humans that continuously learning, searching and working on something new, something that might give u a new feelings. 

Am I satisfied with my life now? All I can say is Satisfaction and Regrets are currently is in BALANCE! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I want to go to this placeeee...

Asian Water Sports Village, Puchong

Anyone?? Come with me? :)
This is a real nice place...
Sport facilities + U will stay in a villa..
And U have to go with many people (up to 17) to reduce cost! 

Come come with me? ;) 


Friday, February 18, 2011

There's Someone ♥

It may not be the one you’re with
They may not have much love to give,
It may not be the girl next door
Or that nice boy on the first floor,
It may not be the friend you taught
Who helps you out when you’re distraught,
You may not know this one that well
But there’s someone who loves you.

It may not be the one you kissed
It may not be the one you’ve missed,
You may think someone is your friend
But then you find that they pretend,
When you are down and you are out
When you’re in tears, sad, and in doubt,
Life may feel like a living hell
But there’s someone who loves you.

by Benjamin Zephaniah

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life Cycle! :)

For years I learned the life cycle of Microorganisms. Be it Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Helminth, Plasmodium or whatever microorganisms existed on the Earth! I worked my brain so hard memorising it... Thinking on aspects of the life of these species are interesting, honestly!~ it's like getting to know Ur new friends... :D Hehe. 

But after a while, as reaching my 20 years of life (am going 21 this year), I was totally scared and surprise of how little concern did I gave on Human Life Cycle.. Specifically on my Own Life! >.< I dunno, but I find it funny.. When I think back on how worked up I had been on studying other species, I did not really do anything (on my opinion) bizarre for my own life! I just go on with the flow.. To succeed and strive as high as I could. But I dunno, when I looked back on the past did I realised on how much time I have wasted and how much more I have left to do n-th number of things I wish to do! 

Life is short, huh? Sometimes I wonder if I have done good enough to call myself a successful person? I do wonder if I have done many good things over the bad ones. If I have been a very good person in the first place. If I have completed successfully what I have ever wanted all this while. If I have gone through this life as good as one should have been.

At one point, I felt useless. I felt as if I am nothing as compared to others. My greatest regret is that I have somehow failed some on U especially those who place their hope and trust on me. I am a human with many things and responsibility in mind. I have tried my best to satisfy others. I really hope that I have not done stuff that could burden the others. Also I have tried my hardest to ensure that I could be with everyone I love. That is a lot!~~

Thinking of how little time I have left in future. It scares me really. I really hope that I could do many wonderful things within the short amount of time. And yeah, I am legally adult! And to think of the next stage of cycle.. I'm really nervous! *praying that I could do well* Life is Indeed Short rite? ^_^

I know! U can just ignore this crappy talk! Im just emo-ing at the moment! 

Just thinking..

I want a life where races, religions, background, status, (money?) is not an important matter. Where people could live freely, chat happily, eat together, walk or even run together. A life where everyone loves each other. Where fairness and justice sustained the life of mankind. Where we can be happy just the way we are. Without thinking much on what people think of us.

I used to live a happy life. A happy and carefree life during my high school years where we don't care of who your parents is, what races are you, what your religion is.. And all this crap la.. We had fun in whatever we did. We enjoy each other presence and let things goes on how it should be. 
But now, personally I think things are not working that way anymore.. Is it me or does it really happens? i believe the latter. I really don't understand people anymore. I know we should not complain on this or judge people and everything. Just somehow I am dissapointed with it. LOL what for u spent years of learning Civics and Moral subjects if at the end all of it just gone to waste. U are not even practising it. 

I believe the most important objectives of learning is applying what u have learnt. Don't U think so? :) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emo! ♥

" Suddenly you asked me; do you know that a person can have two deaths?
I stopped breathing for a moment, before I looked deep into your dark brown orbs.

You explained to me; the first death is one’s body, and the second is the death of one’s existence. When I wanted to say something, you continued on; to let someone slip away from your memory is the same as murder. "

Beautiful right? This is taken from a story written by my friend. She wrote a love story. One is dying and this was said the night before his (character) death. Oooh, Honestly, i didn't fancy angsty or love story. But this is really a good one. Oh and she's only 17! :) 
That good rite? I love her story! The way she wrote her story makes me impressed and amazed on how beautifully written her story is, how amazing all the quotes she comes out with and on how her story can really makes me touched! :) And i love it! ♥ 

Really, I'm amazed. Add to the fact that i could never write something as beautiful! :D

When u start to think back of your past, U would find out many things that U have done before. Be it good or bad. i admit that I am a reckless, super dense person.. And i somehow would rather not wanting to involve in things related to emotions. Honestly, when it comes to emotions, it is very complex and confusing me. I rather not involved with it. But that doesn't mean tat I don't care. I do care ok? More than how much U think I would ever do. :) Just.... I am not that type ok? I can't seems to speaks out or shows it out loud to the whole world to hear, but i can tell U that I will always be there... :) And i would always hope that U would Keep Standing By Me! ♥