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Let’s Never Stop Ourselves from Talking, Walking, Jumping and Running! =) You and I! Let’s live like nothing matter! :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Lately rasa sangat GEDIK!! :DD 

Gedik sebab ... 

1. Always talk about this somebody.
2. Cos always looking for the best attire to wear everyday and finally decided not to cos laundry for last week has not been done yet and rest of the outfits looks sooo extraordinaireey to wear... ;D Melaram tahap gaban! ^^
3. Oww tetiba has lots of plan for future. 'Like if I had a boyfriend WHAT-TO-DO list', 'If i were a mother, how and what I want my kid to be', sooo many IFs! :DD 
4. Tetiba loveeee all the fluffy and cute things. I always love them but its just these days the obsession is worrying!! 
5. Has sudden drastic, intense craziness on Heels and Wedges!! Gila banyak I borong!! :*(

~Tak tahu apa emosi.. Tapi i feel proud and the JOY whenever looking at my collections! *_* ~

And YAHH! This is not the time to BE GEDIK because I have only 3-4 days to study for MidTERM Exam this MONDAY! :(
Praying hard to GOD for his blessings and love so that I can succeed for this exam! <3 

As a friend, to remain as friend,
I had to push the confessions down my throat,
But now I'll say it to you,
that I love you! :) 

- Friend's Confession, 2AM-

Aweeee what a sweety lovely lyrics and song! :D Im totally crazyyyy over it now.. It has deeper meanings than one could think! :D 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

another moment

Do U know this feeling of absolute happiness and gratefulness whenever someone help U? Like sincerely helping You? The sincerity that buys your heart. I don't really want to believe it actually, but when someone help U, it can be for many reason, rite? And its not certain if they are sincere in helping U or not. Buy your heart surely knows, doesn't it?  No matter how big or small help given to you, its the sincerity that makes U flying... Really, honestly that is what I felt! :) the feeling i felt is just amazing and wonderful that makes me.. WOW! :) 

Don't get me wrong. I really appreciate every single person help. And I ain't saying U weren't sincere or whatsoeva. Just that this time, i kinda wanna share it! x) 
I'm weird I know. Since when am I not? :DD

A week of... ?

This week is suppose to be the MOST Stressful week of all because of lab reports and also, next week is the Mid-Term EXAMS!! Ottoke?? Too many subject to study! :( 

But the best thing is.. its a week full with many happy and good news.
Friends Graduation Day!! (Congrats to U people! =D ) 
Also Happy Deepavalli!! So sad that I couldn't go and serbu people house this year for muruku and curry! 
Also.. Lots of happy Things is happening!! 
Am very grateful for that... :) 

Have the NICEST week everyone. Just like I'm having one for myself! <3 

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Moment I could never forget.

The title really carries some sentimental feeling, doesn't it? 
Like i'm having some awesome, beautiful memories. But NO! It does not even a little bit implied to any of the awesomeness or beautiful-ness one would imagine. Haisz, it's just sounds so exaggerating, ain't it? I know. Which is why. I am having such a 'fantastic' tiny, short, memorable, spectacular memory in class this afternoon. :D 

Just imagine this. Your lecturer is giving U guys some sort of a short quiz. Needs to answer verbally. So I was like, damn, i didn't even finish reading the lecture notes. How am I suppose to answer. And no, this is not a subject where U can simply 'goreng' all the basis U have. Thanks to Rutherford and Mendeleev, we need to remember all this principles and facts and figures and all the technical, physics stuff. OK that the two had now gone, we as future generation of scientist needs to flower and nourish the knowledge and equipped ourselves with it for the so-called advancement of technology.

Enough said. Anyways. As I was saying, we were having some sort of a short quiz. Then.... He called names. He didn't call me actually!? xD *WAH jumps in joy* Yet after few questions, he suddenly make a statement that 'whoever can answer this Qs, he/she will no longer be asked of another more advanced one'. that Qs somehow intrigues me and bombard me with lots more Qs... So me, as an impulsive, mild stage closely-related ADHD student raised my hands up and out of nowhere just scream out the answer!! :D
The thing is my answer will be correct if the said lecturer did NOT decide to change his last Qs at the very last minute. A few milliseconds before me answering it!~ So...... And that's what happened!! OMG!!! I could die just out of embarrassment!! *dig my own 7 feet under coming-to-be sweet home* NOT only that, Ah!!! I can feel myself embarrassed to the max!! gosh! Huah Huah! *cries a river* Everyone was like.... Er, shocked, confused and.. Huah! Some is amazed! Hahaha. Seriously after answering it and realised what had I just done, i fall of the chair and hide myself from 92 pairs of eyes!! ~~ Gosh i dunno now whether I am suppose to cry or just laugh! Haha.

And now when I reached home, safely comforted by my comfy blankets, I just couldn't stop thinking of that said event! :D I even laughed like some crazeey woman when I was taking a bath just now. Just.. What a Day! :) Haha. And yeah, that would be a Moment I could NEVER forget! Thank U! *applause*

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Me Decide it!

I had long decided that : 

  • Instead of being THE Best, I want to give all My Best! =) 
  • To become an optimist, rationalist and balancing all thoughts as basis of my actions
  • To live and to enjoy life like there is NO Tomorrow
  • To love and to enjoy all time, make memories and appreciate every single time spend with the loved ones (which obviously are family and friends)
  • To treasure what is worth to be treasured and to be thankful for whatever things U get in life no matter how good or bad it is, cos bad for now doesn't mean that it will not help U in future.
  • To live the present with confidence and to keep things in balance.
So, yeah! :) 

I will just say 'I Do'! =) 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

just live

Because despite all the weaknesses. The imperfections. The failures. You just have to trust yourself and will yourself to keep going. Cos that is what life is all about. To keep living. 

No matter how imperfect U think of yourself. No matter how much failures or mistakes done, what is most needed by a person is the strength to keep going! =) 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Count ON Me by Bruno Mars

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will remind you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go, never say goodbye

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

You can count on me 'cause I can count on you

ps : Just feel like posting it cos i simply think its an awesome song with amazing lyrics and its very meaningful for all of us! =) 

is GRATEFUL! :) 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Can't Stop! :)

Whenever there's a beginning, 
there surely be an end coming to it. 
Its a something that has been fated and destined to naturally occur that way. 

Yeah, i understand all that. And i know human is complex and emotions is ... what can i say, other than Water, Fire, Air and Earth, emotions is the other essential elements of life. Cos whatever we are feeling is an emotion rite? even if we feel nothing, that is also an emotion : of not knowing and empty. 

Anyways. I feel sooo diverted from the real path. Cos i dun intend on writing a long crap talk. but whatever. Its just me. And i'm widely known for all my theories and philosophies. Hehe! :D 
Actually i just want to ramble on this one thing. But uh. Maybe due to high shear stress physiologically and too much external pressure, i have so many things to say. But dunno which one to write. so yeah..

So, a friend of mine kind of.. Hm she has just recently broken up with his ex-boyfiee.. Poor her, I know. 
But, forever is long and eternal is an impossibility no matter how long forever is! *OhMiGosh, did I just came out with an awesome phraseeeeeeeeee???*
I'm not complaining or like criticising her for being so distressed and emo-ing. I understand her right and needs and why she felt that way. Anyways, all that im saying is a general statement and has no kind of relationship with either the living or dead. :) 

So, what I think is this. I mean. From the very start, from the beginning of life, we've known that nothing is going to last forever rite? like. In a way, along the way, after some time, its going to its end, rite? we know that perfectly well, don't we? Love, business, friendship, even Earth itself. Things is going to end. 
Like exam season. U feel the stress now. The burden. And then when it comes, U go for it, U seat for it and U strive for it. And no matter how well U perform, U have sat for it. So, yes it has ended for the time being. but after sometime it come again. things like this recycle. So, u nd to prepare urself for the next exam season. 

What im actually trying to say was... Whenever one thing ends for U... Do Not lose hope. Or think so negatively and pitifully of yourself cos U know perfectly well who U are. And darn, even Hitler deserved to receive all kinds of respects and love, after all the cruelty, so do U! 
I kind of pissed when U curse yourself and feel urself so useless and want to waste your time weeping and mourning over some useless, unworthy thing. I mean, time don't stop moving, not even for a single person. u have a longggggggggggggggg journey awaits and lots of things to do. So why stop yourself in the middle of the way. Just like. I know memories is unforgettable. Unless you are having amnesia or some brain degenerations, but still.. be an optimist. one thing goes, U can have another 10 coming to you. Just, its a matter on how u're seeing things and how u bring yourself to it. there are lots more people around U and much more things worth for U to work for that something that has been ur past. 

So, the conclusion is ::: 

Cos U can always start a new beginning! whenever u wants it. =) 

I know this is so mixed up. Not pointless, I certainly know. just! Im a science student. So how do U expect my analytical brain will write things. Especially about all these emotions. So, this is another manuscript written by a science person... and have fun in decoding/deciphering this precious piece! xD

psss : Guess you're just lucky to be reading this, rite!? :) 


When one person do some good things, I wonder why people tend to go the other way round, searching for his wrongdoings and weakness. Why can't they just see beyond his contributions. I know we need to consider all pros and cons, background and analyse situation as a whole before coming up with conclusion. But does this concept also applied to human? 

Like seriously. tch!

What I meant to say is that. Do we really need to do that? I can say that I don't do that. 
like. When a friend tells U that Miss A donated RM100 for this *** activity. Then U reply with "really? Do U know that she gt the money from *****?". 

I seriously don't do that of course, but I happen to meet many people who did this.
Like, when U're talking about politicians. Yeah, the irony. Politicians normally get that. But, politicians and celebrities, its like a common thing la. 

But what would U feel when those words were said and aimed to U? 
It hurts like bitch rite? yeah, bitch always got it right! 
And tch. Really hates those people. 


Word is a strong tool.
One word have the power to change the whole world and to change someone to a totally new person.
Believe that? Yeah. Its true.
Especially when the person saying those words is a person who held great power and trusted by many person.

So... Careful with words U choose.
Cos I totally have a real chaotic and stressful weak just because of some clever person statement.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


is loving Misters TWINShinki Yunho and Changmin so much!  ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm not hallucinating or anything.

I just loveee them! :) 

Unstoppable Randomness

Because I love to give names to people, I'm getting new names as well.
I am from now on ::

Misz J. C. SapBerry 
[ = Misz Jung Caes SapBerry ]

insipired by JK Rowling of Harry Potter! :) 
is a combi of names come from Radiopharmacy and a sweet dream of adventurous journey. 


Some people love BS-ing! 
They really does. What do they think actually? That they have brains that could overpowered all others?

Yes, idiot! I know. 
Super damn frustrating and annoying and unbelievable. I totally feel like hanging them upside down so that they could look at the world in a new way and get a hold of themselves and think like a great person everyone wanted to be.

I know i complained a lot this week. Yeah seriously I did. Its because all of the things that makes me think and I somehow felt that how much better would it be if i met a smart people not geniuses that think of the world from a different dimension. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sometimes, I wish I had a power to make people see light and do right things.

Some people were given a chance and they are gifted and totally have what it needs to do that thing right. With such opportunities, one would think that they should have fight till death for it, shouldn't they? Because chance is a one in a lifetime thing. But NO! that's not what happened. They avoided it, stay away from it for their own comfort. I mean like, if i were at their place, I would have just grab it cos who knows when will it be offered to you again, rite? And i feel like jumping off of the 10th floor of a building when i hear their answers. Cos their answers is that : "I don't want to do things more than what i was expected to do".

Mleh. What we were expected to do is just very hugeeeeeeeee and subjective and how do U list it all. People expecting U to do things and the expectations has no boundaries. Meaning, U don't even exactly know what actually people wanted of U. What U mentioned is actually what U expected of yourself doing. 

And sometimes i wonder. Where exactly has all the logical and reasoning goes to? With all this knowledges and skills and thinking and all the super awesome brain that U have. Because U were expected to do more than U think U were expected to do. And just do things that U see don't make U any better cos when U started to actually live on YOUR OWN, U will have to deal with a greater number of unimaginable things. And thats when chances is what U expected to come, but it will be the hardest thing to get. 

WOW! I'm amazed with my own thoughts! :) 

Dari Dulu :)

Dulu. Masa zaman dulu-dulu. Dulu-dulu bila kita still muda remaja a.k.a fasa baru nak UP, friendship always become a main focus. Something that is kononnya something we most treasure la cos kawan is everything. U know all that right? where we feel the needs of having someone by our side : to mengutuk/gossip/spazzing/loving and hating together.? And bagi kita.. Kawan is the only person who will and is understanding us the most and whom essential for everything we did in life. Sampai pergi toilet masa class pun nak kawan temankan eventhough toilet tu is just like 2 m away. WOW! :) 
How great. 

After few years of searching and of course la through experience, knowledge, observations, etc. People change. Everything change. Friend comes and go. Some stay while the other, macam dissapears. Even the best and closest pun, some of them, whenever terserempak ke, buat tak kenal. Like we were total strangers. Macam tak pernah even nampak muka before. Kalau dulu, seboleh mungkin, baju pun nak pinjam kawan punya. All the personal items pun willing to share. Tp after few years/moments of not meeting, rasa like a total strangers. Even a brief smile pun tak nak tunjuk. *WT~~ Fish to all of them.* 

Kalau dulu, cari kawan nak yang cool, happening, fun to be with. kawan-kawan yang gila-gila and super hyper and memang 'enter water' type. Tak salah actually. Its UP to U! Macam mana pun, the person U can click well with, itu la the person U will stick to honestly. Dulu tak fikir panjang. What we want is just to be happy. To enjoy life kan? Tak salah pun. Depends on U la. Ur life! Bagi kita, nak cari kawan yang betul, yang akan bersama at all times. Tp, the definition of it... We make it on our own. Sebab pemikiran kita berbeza. We might have think of the same thing, but the way we apply and does things are different so, hasilnya berbeza. 

Bukan la nak kata, I choose a wrong person to be my friend(s). Hm, the same thing does happened to me. But, itu LUMRAH ALAM kan? Manusia. They are species that is subjected to evolution, changes non-stop over time. unstoppable and unpredicted. 
Ingat lagi kat some of my friends. Pernah la, macam he and she become someone I HATED THE MOST on that year. Honest BENCI! Jenis kebencian yang kalau dia berada 5m away from U, u macam hyperventilate, macam U r having some kind of respiratory depression that makes U go 50m away from every angle. Tapi, just because of one tiny, unexplainable acts, they have now become one of the most important, closest friends and indeed, is one of the person U needed the most. 
Ada pula some friends, they are the closest. Selalu gak slumber party sama-sama. Share top secrets, the best inner circle, the best of friend of all time la kononnya. Tp after a year of not meeting, terus macam change macam a rapid mutation has occur. Kalau jumpa pun, rasa macam strangers. And tetiba pula we can't PDA-ing. I mean like when U meet a long lost friend, *1 year ++ of not meeting*, hugging is like 'essential'. But tetiba plak kena labelled as Lesbo just because of that act is totally .... Yeah, U know what I'm gonna say but i'll keep everything a PG here! ;) 

Actually tak sure sangat why am I typing this long. And i have sooooooooo many more to write, but yeah... Assignments berlambak. And kena study like super duper Saiya. Anyhow, rasa sangat thankful for certain friends today. We've known for only a short while but U make me experience lots of things and expose and make me do things I have never done and experienced before. Of course, in a good way. 
Betulla kan. We all learn from another person. Just how we take the teaching, depends on our own thinking. Tapi, I really appreciate and rasa sangat terharu , honestly. 

Million of THANKS to U ! :) 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HB! ♥

Oh, today is the birthday of that special someone who has been one of the MOST IMPORTANT person in my life since like 7 years ago? :) See how U always there in my mind? I can never forget about U no matter how far U are or how long we haven't meet and how crazy U are and how lovely I have always been! 8D

U know who U are rite, babe? I know I'm not one to show PDA-ing but i really love U so much. Cos U are a friend who means a really whole lot for me. Whom will always be there for me no matter what *in your ways*., who understands me the best, who understood all my super freaking weird reasoning and who always comforts and cheer me with your presence. And the one with whom I feel happiest, calmest and most comfortable even in the greatest silence. 

Happy Birthday!! I love You!  
Wishing U the best in whatever U do. Lovee love U! :D 
*yeah, a declaration of love!!~* 
And always be blessed and enjoy the blast. I'm not meeting U this soon, but yeah, I LOVEE you! 

♥ Happy 21st Honey! And lets live to the max! Lets travel the world together! And yeah, lets be everything! :) 

ps : I know its very weird cos this comes from me, and never in life had I done something like this before, but U are one of the person who understand me the most. So, i know U'll understand!! ^^ 
Because I love U and i know U too love me like crazy XD 

So What!

The news of DongBangShinKi : my super gorgeousness TwinShinKi and JYJ is making me H.A.P.P.Y !! =)  
So be damn of all the human on Earth who want to continue living like a King and annoy me that damn much. 

i was born as an angel! but honestly, I could be a devil just like that if I want too. But i remember my place, my limit and patience is a virtue. So yeah, i'll let it pass. Not because U are good but because I'm the best! 

Me conceited now? then what are U, ~~ jerk! 

psss ::: I really love this new blogspot layout!! :DD Easy access! 



I’m pissed off and totally hates and annoyed at this one type of people. Honestly pissed. Officially pissed!

And im in a rather good mood of kicking ball(s)!!!~ Futsal will be joyous tonite.

But yeah. Human is like that. They are conceited, super egoistic and they don’t listen to what other people said. Because they think too high of themselves, it doesn’t mean they got everything’s right. What is the need of discussion when at the end U just gonna go with whatever hell is that sticking on Ur super damn good brain!! *rolls eyes*

Honestly, I’m hoping that I were born a barbaric so I could just cut off the damn head of that super good fella!