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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quote of The Day!

"Some girls act like b*tches so they won't get hurt. 

Some girls are b*tches because they got hurt.

While some..are merely BORN b*tches..=) "

So.. Which are you?? XD This is quoted from Miss A! <3 Because I always love you and you when you update you status. 
*you is intended to replace everything to refer to you.

A Mere Thought! :)

it was a great game last night : Malaysia vs Bahrain. It's a good one actually. Although Malaysia lost 3-2 to Bahrain. Congrats to this boy ::: Nazmi and other team members of Harimau Muda! U guys played well.

Tapi, one thing that I absolutely can't accept is .. When they win, even 1-0, OhMY pujinya melambung-lambung. Even that one time, cos Malaysia won, we get a holiday the next day. *But we need to work and study extra time the next week* Now, they lose even with a good match, a good game like that, people criticise. I know its a norm of a thing. But seriously, i feel as if they are being unfair towards the player. It's not a normal, tolerated critics, mind you. It's like saying "WTH Malaysia. U lose everything and U r such a F****** something within 6 minutes"

DAMN Human. What are U!! 6? Memang la 6 minutes is long. But hallo.. Why not talk about the 80+ minutes earlier. Why the 6 minutes became the main factor of measurement!! That's just plain annoying and brainless when U so happened to be the same person, who had when Malaysia won against Indonesia a few days ago, praising them all high as if Harimau Malaya is the king!

My aim of saying this is so that whenever u criticise or praising someone, do it moderately. Because we people all have brains mah? and brains means U have knowledge, and as normal person, ur cognitive function must be similar to one another. Intelligence must be differ but conceptual thinking is technically the same for all normal matters. so STOP doing this excessive praising and thoughtless criticism cos honestly constructive comments are made from a fair judgement, a creditable information and a good statistical measure

What a total intellectual Defence!!! :DD

Friday, November 25, 2011

25th November 2011

i am supposed to be doing many things but each time i reached home and in comfort in my bed, wrapped like ONAGIRI, i simply lost it all. I ate like there's no tomorrow, lepak like nothing matters. talking like a somebody. and i am NOT doing any of productive things. Huhu. Work is a lot, abandoned in a corner. actually all my belongings, reference book all still in the car. :DDD and my brain can't work. even with my eyes open, i can only stare. and do nothing. Omona! I'm sure i'll be craszeee soon.

Makes me wonder is this the life i've been wanting to live for? but actually life is the same for everybody.. so i should just shut my mouth up and stop thinking of the ifs and of the what i am supposed to do and get and just concentrate on whatever things i am supposed to be focusing on rite now.

In addition, just get our MidTerm result today. and as expected. My THAT Paper, *the one i told U i feel like eating a wood after doing it*, the result is sooo opposite to good! Others are OK i suppose. Just need extra more hardwork but that particular paper!! :( 

I really need to work my asses and squeeze my brain up for that..

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I need ideas on games!
Station games.
Let's brainstorming XDDDDDDDDDDD

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is such a busy week. Honestly it is. I've got lab practicals, case study, special study group, special group discussion, lectures, tutorials and lots of assignment to be submitted in a short time. 

I'm tired, exhausted and feels like dying. I'm drained of all that is taken up to feed myself.
GLUCOSE is a main source of energy and currently is the most wanted 'items' in the market. No glucose, brain can NOT work. So yeah. I keep feeding myself, 60/24/7 and i spent a lot the whole week just to eat. And when I said I ate a lot these past few days it really is a lot! :D I normally eat breakfast, lunch (sometimes 2x), dinner (at least 2 meals, HEAVY Meals) for dinner! XDDDD 

U don't believe me?????
HOW Sad. I know physically i look weak and adorably vulnerable. But buy me dinner and U will know the truth! :) 

Anyways. Yesterday afternoon, I and some of my group members paid a visit to Hospis Malaysia. It is some kind of a care centre which offers Palliative Care Service. What is Palliative Care

It is a nice place. A NGOs body. Offering free medical services**. and the staff and medical team is quite good and very reliable. they are a somewhat perfect team, if I may say that. First cos of the strong Interpersonal relationship between professionals and very highly competent and is optimising pharmaceutical care to the Max! Those are goals targeted in medical field nowadays, other than treating/cure patients.
It is an interesting experience actually. listening to their talk. knowing what they did, their services, their experiences. and the way that was told was amazing. I don't know. It's very motivational, I must say. And a wonderful things to learned. No patient visit, but it is really nice because they are very helpful and provides very informational talk. We don't really needs to ask questions cos they simply told us everything we needed and supposed to know and get from the visit. The place is beautiful too. 

And i'm very exhausted. Must prepare for next week Green Lung's activity and another practicals, quizzes and assignment. Man the next 3 weeks supposedly will be a chaotic period for me. :( But no matter. I want to go home this week! I missed my parents, my family, my kittens and cats. and the entire household. 

Good nite, people! :D 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I know when I think wisely and do things correctly, I will be able to do it! :D And yeah, that is proven right! :) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Obsession! :D

i know today is the final match between Malaysia and Indonesia! And Congratulations Malaysia! U ruled, Tiger rulling the Asia! :D 

Anyways. i'm not exactly ecstatic about that. i'm more obsessed with this tonite!! i just couldn't take my eyes of it!! :DD 

i asked mommy for this but of course she bought me another one.  *no matter, still love U mommy! <3 *

I don't know yet where can i stick this at! :D

is waiting for my ordered set! :) 

honestly, i'm interrupting the peace and life of people around me. Whining, weeping and all things possible to nearby human being. Yeah, after this people. go get online banking. there is certainly no use of having lots of atm cards and saving accounts and a debit card if U don't have e-banking rite now. :( 

But, a great THANK U for the superb woman Miss Lim 'Ginny' Jeannie for all the help given. for ur patience and strength to bear all my weeping and whining and i honestly love You for bringing me closer to my dream jewelleries! :DDD

And that's all. I have a quiz tomorrow of Rx Analysis. and i did not study just yet all the 5 chapters! And another 3 hours of lab practical. Oh Goddess, save me!! 
Anyways. What a LOVELY Night! =) 


mood : ecstatic, music : Get Out, JYJ! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let ME Talk! =)

Perfection is what every human being is wishing and striving for. Everybody wants to be perfect. to become the perfect child, perfect student, perfect mother, etc. But sometimes being perfect, too perfect, in everything is not really a good thing. 

For example, in love, U are looking for a perfect lover. Someone who will treat U nicely, treasure U highly like a princess. Someone who will give everything and anything just to make U happy. Someone who will hold onto U and pour all his love to you.. Someone who is everything every living girls (and probably boys) are wanting. the someone, a perfect prince that makes U living a life of a fairy tale. LOL if HAPPY is the only feeling i would feel, I'd rather not to. It's not thrilling and there's no fun on it! :D

But life, every single aspect of life (none is excepted) has its own equilibrium state. equilibrium is a state where the 2 variables at each side of the reaction is in balance. be it the concentration or rate of reaction. None should exceed the other. so in case of the perfect lover (or perfect whomever), things goes on the same. We can never be too perfect. Define perfect in your own. The perfections U were seeing is not perfection cos if u look into it very carefully and inspect them wisely, U then will know the imperfection masked from normal eyes. 

Reality hurts. I know! But Hurt is spelt the same as Love. So what's the big deal. it's only a four-letter word. I know i might sound heartless, emotionless and whatever U may say. But don't ever deny the fact! You need to continue living just no matter how hard it is. Life isn't only about rainbows and butterflies. they might look beautiful, but there's more than just beautiful. and life isn't only about loving somebody. life is about doing everything and feeling and experiencing everything as much as U can.

We needed LOVE in our life. So why discriminating HURT. they are both they same. We needed both cos life is constantly changing, we are seeing different things in life. These two are what shapes us to be who we are in the future. HURT has its own role, so thus love. Therefore, relax and just accept the fact that if today U were hurt, nature will always play its role to return U back to the state U wanted the most --> LOVE (where happiness and all the positive emotions is). 

♥ from me! and brainy me! :D

My Sunday

today is just an ordinary day. but today is Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be a carefree, relaxing 24 hours of time for every Sunday-ians! LOL! But nope. Not this week. Not with overloaded assignments, and most important is reading lots of things to complete my part of IPL and to finish up reading whatever has been taught last week.

Just managed to completed some. And have approximately 4 hours till midnight to do some more stuff! And is currently reading some non-academics stuff! XD *gets bricked*

Anyhow. It is such a busy day. I can't say I love Sunday anymore. But I don't know why i spent hours on sleeping! :D 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Next UP Mission -->  Seducing Sexy Guys! <3  LOL! XD

- From a random chat with the wicked girl! -


lesson of the day :
U can never get everything U wanted. Especially NOT at the same time. 

U can hope for many things and want for many. But at the end, U can have only some of it! So. Hope for more that so in the end, U may earn, even not all, but much more than needed.

Friday, November 18, 2011


is currently so occupied, full and cramped with books and journals and conference papers. 
All to be read just to prepare my part for this week's case study. *sigh*
the case this time is soooooooo confusing and tough cos of too many technical terms and all that abbreviations. OMG! 'm gonna die!!! :(

The GOOD news is :: Pinky Baby is back!! ^_^ 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random-ness Overloaded!

one moment u feel happiest and the other u feel the saddest.

what's with the mood swings U may ask? 

I myself did not know the answer. 

Stupid hormones! Keep the equilibrium please. It prefers shifting the other way round. Keep ur owner intact, will you? So we could live life peacefully ever after! :D 

this doesn't makes sense, I know. 
This is how it supposed to be when MiszC Simple is rambling! LOL! :D 
G'nite everyBODY! :) 


the word BEST means 

1. of the highest quality, excellence, or standing: the best work;the best students.
2. most advantageous, suitable, or desirable: the best way.
3. largest; most: the best part of a day.

--> See BEST means of the Highest Quality, Excellence and Outstanding.

sometimes I wonder. Do U vote for someone just because U like him, U adore him or U know he can? because obviously, the hell with the word BEST if it were given only because of some fans-ying or crazily in love thing? geez. Whatever. Just.. if u really do that, stop criticizing whatever other people is doing or don't accuse me of not being loyal or anything cos.. u are obviously the densest! 


Because I’m naughty, naughty!
Hey, I’m MiszC Simple! =) 

LOL! Am plaigirising Suju's Mr. Simple! ^^
Just.............. Keep Your Head Down Babeyh! :D 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


what a week. other than wanting to have fun, i seemed to be in daze! i can't really remember well whatever i've been told especially from 70 hours ago! LOL! it's funny but it leads to a crisis when u suddenly noticed just how much assignments and homework U really have and U just has started to breathe. so, solution? Other than asking those who won't answer? :D

A Happy Day!

Today is simply THE HAPPY DAY! :) 

Wae U ask? Oh simple. it's because : I had a great morning, a calm heart, I understand lectures, and I'm soooooooooooooooooooo FULL! :D 
Guess what? Me and 3 of my buddies went to the Seoul Garden *a new outlet in KL Festival Mall, Setapak* and spent almost 3 hours there!!~ Just great, ain't it! 

I'm sooo full at the end. i can't even eat a spoonful of ice-cream, LOL! and just imagine how hard it is when walking!! :D

And woopsie.. I really need to study. A happy and great day really sparks my inspiration. And i am ready to write my report! XD 

because Miszc Jung Sap is super adorably cute and lovable, she presented U with  ♥ ! =)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diary Entries! :)


This is the first day of class after, well, a one week break. To say that its a BLACK Monday is really incomparable to whatever i had gone through! Ceh i know i'm exaggerating but darn, that's a tiring day nonetheless.
And just imagine. On the FIRST Day, class was supposed to start at 8am! No shit peeps, but the lecturer decided not to tell and NOT come. Can U just imagine how pissed I am? geeez, i know i have know right to be pissed cos its my responsibility as a student and blahblahblah. But then, it's just frustrating! its MONDAY and its the first day of class after a break, so how can I not be EMO-ing cos of that. And i'm so damn sleepy throughout the day, energy-less and soooo tired! LOL Tired, waeee? I don't know. Just dun ask! 
And i accidentally skipped one and a half hour NMR lecture. Damn I'd be clueless on the next lecture! Why la Dr. Khai suddenly decided to bring the class forward without informing. And later that noon, CHC lecturer decided to transfer her class just before lunch, haisz. All plans ruined. Wani and I were rushing to go to service centre, make bill payments and everything but we came late. Quiz for Nuclear Pharm already started and we ended up not doing it. But for all the kindness and his big heart, he allowed us to sit for the quiz after test. U can't imagine how grateful I am to En. Borhan!! Thanks a lot although i dun really think I did good for the quiz. My brain just can't seems to work and LOL i can't even hold the pen right! ~~

Later, i slept all the night, woke up on the midnight planning to study for NMR lecture la konon. But ended up twittering, spazzing and downloading from 12 to 4am! Huhu!~ 
Oh. I slept at Wani's room the day before cos my housemates *all of them* decided not to sleep at our apartment. NOT that I'm afraid just i don't feel good of sleeping alone! XD Haha.

Conclusion for this date :: I ate damn a lot, I spent quite a lot, my Pinky Vaio baby is at the service centre, and I'm exhausted of running all over places. And Twitter is addictive and veryy TIME-consuming! 


Yeah, we planned to go to Seoul Garden tomorrow!! *jumps in happiness*

What happened today huh? Ergh, let me recall. Oh yeah, had a fun talk with Miss MolyGIRI, WaniGiri and ShakUra! :D Hahaha. LOL i came out with a brilliant nicknames!! :DDDDD
Actually i got that idea from a longggggggggggggggggggggg spazzing with Miss HeraPark or currently known as HeraPura. LOL that brought to the birth of YUNHO-Giri (Yunho + Onagiri)! LMAOOO! 
Just so you know. i am Sap + Tempura = SaPura! haha. thats my exact name. and yes, me, as had been agreed by many of the tweet-ies, am the Goddess of Tempura! The real LORD Of tempura! ROFL that's lame and unbelievable!! ^^

this is inspired by Japanese and Korean cuisine and we both are totally the type of girls who love spazzing, gossiping and came out with weird stuff and also we love the comfort given by the bed and the fluffiness of the comforter sooo much we wanted to remains wrapped and lying on the bed all day and nights! :D 

Anyways. yeah we officially went to a lecture for CHC with the Medic Students. We don't really get to know each other personally but it feels weird U know? But me and my girls are sooo chilling that we refused to think any of the INTERPERSONAL Relationship.. Not just yet!~ 

And coming up next is the Hospice Care visits and also I just had a great thoughts on some recent things happening in the country! again, I have no political intentions! :)

G'nite everyone! I need to have a good, effective study time for tonight (so need to log off) and U know, Look refreshing for tomorrow? :) 

- signing off at 12.32am, Malaysia-

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It is one of those nights when loneliness and emptiness comes to you and bring u out of yourself. Really feel so lonely. And i dunno why i'm so pissed off lately. Is wanting a companion, maybe? But LOL! that's not what I planned, correct. So, decided to retire early to bed so that Mr Lonely and Empty leave me alone by morning. x) 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have U ever had enough?

Just because U've had enough, it doesn't mean U wanted too much. 

Life is like this doesn't it? 
U will never know U have that much till when U lose it,
U never know U have done so much till U feel tired and exhausted and U cried ur heart out for it.
And U never know the meaning of appreciating and treasuring things if U never lose it or U have had it all your life.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. but often people said that "U have enough of this so U should stop".
But Time doesn't stop, does it? It keeps on ticking and moving and nobody can stop it. And how on Earth U know whether U have enough or someone had more than enough?
Cos it never will be enough of something, to us.. human, will it? Just like how we can't stop breathing and how do we say that we have enough air to breathe each time? 
      It's very difficult isn't it? Just like how difficult it is to think and to write down whatever U think on a piece of paper and to ensure that each of your messages will be perfectly understood by your readers. 
And I believe that as long as we live, we can never get enough of something. Cos that's how and why GOD Created us. 
He creates us to search and find answers, to look for questions and to never stop finding. 

Finding WHAT? that is for U to find out! :) 


Chance! ^_^

Life is always like this. When chance comes to you : you either GRAB it or LOSE it. There, if U are lucky, will be a second chance.
     But it will never be the same as the first time it comes to you. and 2nd chance is a bliss. Because not many people are lucky to get it. 
So, be more ALIVE. 
GRAB chances as it come across you and do your best in whatever U have decided to do. Because if U do not decide fast enough, it 
will soon be taken away from you. 

When people says good things to you, about you. it flatters you, makes U proud doesn't it.?
But the best thing one ever said to me is that they have faith in you.
Best of the best is when it comes from your parents! :) 

-i'm just so HAPPY!- <3 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

To A Friend

How would YOU react when someone told U they are expecting DEATH? 

When that someone told U the very unfortunate, terrible experiences of life she had been going through because of her disease and had been so for more than 2 years.. When she had been sooo happy back then. A person with very cheerful, bubble, bright personality? A person who always makes others happy and makes people all energised with only a simple words. 

Especially when that someone was a friend of yours. 

And i'm simply shocked and speechless and I just don't know what to say. Especially after she revealed that. And that she said she was sorry and she was a terrible person for not completing things she should have done for us. And i'm so shocked and i feel soooooooooooo terrible right now. I don't know what to say to her! Really i don't. And i'm still shocked.

I'm praying for your well being dear friend. Just so U know. I am always happy with you and I appreciate your care and concern for us. And there's nothing for U to apologize for cos U have always been the best woman and the best of friend for me. And I love you and I wish I could do more for you. I'm praying for more happiness for you and please do not burden your mind for us and just this once, please, live for yourself. U have been a great person all this time and shall always be remembered as that. :) I love you.

Get well soon.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov, 2nd.

02-11-11 : THE Day before is AUSPICIOUS. BUT the TODAY is just soooo shitty. Is NOT blaming the day. I'm blaming myself!~ 

But not my fault too rite? Cos im not the one setting up the paper, Plus who would expect that question which require a looooong answer to come out for an hour exam. 

DAMN DAMN DAMN! So tough. I feel like a total failure! A PHAIL-ureee! :( U know how that feels? Its sooo shitty and hurting and man! Feel so stupid! *crying, bawling my eyes out*
GOSH what's happening to me, myself and my brain. has the 4 months break rusted it all? Cos really. I don't feel really good for this exams. the heaven! *hit my head on the wall*
AND GREAT! now I'm monologue-ing and typing NON stop! Emo-ing non stop! Geeezsz...........

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another rambles of life

Today is an NEW day : 01/11/11. Nov 1, 2011. What a DATE! :) Really great numbers. 
And its 2 months more to 2012. WOW! What a year. I've realised how much I had changed within a year and how much my life has changed and developed and is now entering a new stage of life.

WOW! :) Sometimes I might appear childish or playful but HALLO! Thats how we need to live. I can't stuck with my cold, mature face mode all time, can I? the thought of it itself was so depressing and LOL if i really implemented it, GOSH i don't know whats gonna happened! im so going to die of boredom due to lack of colors in my life! xD 

And being childlike isn't bad, correct? Say, do U remember whatever U've done during childhood? When U were a child, all U wanted is to grow up and becoming an adult. U behave just how your parents told U to properly behave. U can't really do things what we called as CHILD THINGS! :D
Thats why as a grown ups we tend to think like kids and acts kidd-ishly!! :D U think it's cute that is why U are doing it. BUT duh! It was sooo much FUN! 

And trust me. I know U know this too.. Life is as depressive and stressful as it is, soooo yeah just chill out and cheer up and live it up how ever U want it! 

IYE!! Tomorrow ::--> BIOPHARMACEUTICS AND PHARMACOKINETICS ... It's MATHS and Physiology all OVER AGAIN! Hwaiting!~~ :)