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Monday, April 18, 2011

Disease and Health

From a study conducted for the past few years including 2011, it was found that CVS (Cardiovascular Disease) is the major cause of death and is the main disease suffered by NOT only Malaysian, but people worldwide. CVD includes heart attack, stroke, myocardial infarction, COPD (chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), etc.

Besides CVD, other main global, toplisted diseases are malignant disease (cancer and tumours), hypertension, diabetes mellitus. We are concerned on things like "Stop Animal Abuse", "Safe the Environment", "NO Plastic Bag Campaign", "NO Smoking Campaign", etc.

Altho I might say. Er, no I definitely supported the NO SMOKING CAMPAIGN cos obviously and it is of absolute certainty that smoking is one of the major contributing factor of the development of incurable chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and even cancer. U know rite that the smoke stick or also called the 'cancer stick' is a most widely used carcinogens yet, although knowing it, U choose to be ignorant and just taking it. And yes, please do practice special precautions like not being near those smokers whenever they smoke and avoid being at places where people randomly and freely smoking cos... Because My Dear, being secondary @ passive smokers exposed U to approximately 2 times greater chances of developing those chronic diseases than being an active smoker themselves. So? YEAH! Let’s fight for our rights! For our Health! For our life! :D Its just as important as it is to save the world cos honestly whats the point of U saving the world when there are too many sick, ill people living on it rite? Rite rite?

Other than smoking, alcohol appears to be another main cause of this disease as well. It is if taken in excess will causes damage to many organs especially liver! And, not only that ok? Alcohol will totally and greatly affect the sanity of ur mind and it is after all, major reason of many social problems. So? I know Alcohol and SMOKE/CIGARETTE is kind of common things. U despised DRUGS right? But these two items brings the similar adverse effects and damage just as that as drug!... So? *Think about it*

Anyways, as I was saying. We often neglected things related to our health. We thought that by practicing healthy lifestyle like taking healthy food, drink more water, no random sex and all that will prevent yourselves from getting all these diseases. But I must say, it does not truly help cos basically body works on its own. Altho U looked physically healthy and fit, it does not mean that U are totally healthy. There is more to that. I know U might feel bored with this phrase already but it is very true that "PREVENTING is the best Measure that CURING a Disease".

So, people please put more concern on our health.
Please expose urself more to health-related articles or news. Get the basic, 'humane' and informative articles which will tells u a lot about health condition and all. Don't be too lazy to read ok?
Besides that, please also do frequent medical check-ups. At least, for 1-2 times a year? Especially if Ur family have history of these diseases. Because somehow it can also be inheritable, and being a family put U at high risk of developing it as well. So DO GO For MEDICAL Check-ups ok? ^_^
Also always practice a healthy lifestyle and live in healthy environment! :)

So that's totally it.
Just. Love Yourself too, OK? =)
Because basically to make someone and others to love US, we have to love ourself first! <3

Education? ;)

Teringat saya di masa lalu. Semasa my family, my cousin’s family and I attend some kind of family gathering. Honestly, we didn’t know many people that time. So, we randomly chat la. Then I still remember me and my cousin plus my brother we was sitting at a table dengan uncle, aunty yang tidak dikenali.
Dan tersebutlah alkisah bahawa orang-orang yang sat on the same table with us are actually teachers la, but they are teaching at different schools. So, erm we all kanak-kanak jelita ni pun ‘di interview’ la by those teachers. Questions like, “Where Do U Study?”, “This school is…. Blahblahblah”. All the crap about which is the best school, the problems they faced with students and all sort of things related to education la. Kononnya.

Then my father came to the table. So, dia pun involved la in the conversation. It’s like fated that the moment he came, the whole table was actually talking about problems with student la. The group of teachers make comments like :

“Students nowadays are so rude. They don’t have manners and don’t have sense of responsibility”, “immature and childish”, “Students are damn bad”, “Students don’t pay attention to class”, “Students this, student that, bla blabla…

Basically it is ALL the usual crap and comments given by those teachers la. All sort of complaint. Honestly, I do understand that the world of education is yet the toughest area there is. It is not easy to become an educationist. It is not easy to educate one person, not easy to convey infos and knowledge and message to someone. But, one teacher has to deal with a great number of students so just imagine the pressure and how huge the burden a teacher actually carried. The job itself should come together with undying passion and love in nurturing and nourish the students with knowledge as well as great deal of thinking and improving their performance in handling daily lives. School is the main place other than home, and one of the most important aspects in a children’s life because this is where they spend most of the time with, where their personality got affected and develops, where they learned things and where they are greatly exposed to many external factors including human of various personality, trends, culture, variety of lifestyle, friendship and everything. 

So, back to the story.  As I was saying, we, on that table *because it’s a community gathering rite*, so we have to er, socialize and talk la cos honestly there’s nothing U can do besides talking and eating. So, just talk la. Hehe.  Anyways, erm yeah my dad came to the scene. So, the teachers plak complaining kan? Erm.. So, here is a little bit of what my dad said to counter back what those teacher commented.

“When U decided to become a teacher, it’s like U are legally guardian and also parents of the students. How U suppose to treat ur children, how U educate them and how U wanted them to be that is how it is. Being a teacher and educationist is not an easy thing. There are lots to it. Its not only about making them to score 100% and lots of As in exam. It’s more than that. There is more to it, ok? U need to fulfill them with knowledge and what is essential to life. To prepare them for future so that when they go out to the outside world, they can handle it. They are ready to face it cos they already have general pictures on what life is and that there are lots of challenges awaits them out there. Education process is also a process of development of thinking and maturity so that they know how to think and consider risk and advantages of what they going to decide and how to make decisions in life.
Saying that they are immature and childish is not good. Saying that they are rude and brainless, stupid or lazy is I think the most stupidest comment ever made because we as adult ourselves also do the same thing. Don’t always blame everything on study. We don’t have to be too strict to the rules and laws, whatever. Everything needs to be flexible. And don’t simply judge somebody’s personality on one thing. We have to actually know them to do that. And saying that they are not concern of their future is a lie as well. Cos they must’ve as well think of it.
And comparing life and achievements and performance of grade A students and Grade B, C students and also making judgement and accusation on students based on the prestige of school or institution is unfair as well. If u taught at prestigious, well-known school where in average the students are the study type and who actually life was ‘designed’ that way, of course la the average achievements is far far far better that when U were teaching at average school where many students are delinquents. It’s very unfair and irrational to make such judgements because that itself will affect ur performance at doing your job as a teacher. And saying them stupid or lazy or whateva, I think we have to blame ourselves as well la. Cos how stupid we are of thinking that cos of obviously, what is school for? Of course la it is for educating and nourishing them with knowledge, to make sure that they receive the essentials and becomes a better person. Nobody is a real smart ok? Nobody is a born-genius. They learn and learn and collect the essentials along the way.”

So, that is what my dad said. U didn’t know how touched and proud I am to my father. Honestly, my father might not be the greatest man alive nor did he a cleverest one, but actually his point of view really is very good! =) I love it and truly amazed and agreed with this.
So yeah after my father said that, those teachers had the BLANK look. And while my dad was talking, he talks in ways to ensure that nobody will interrupt! :D Geeee. If my father were to be on election, I will sure vote for him. And his speech would truly be ONE and the EPIC speech ever given by election candidate! X)

Oh OK. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. And I never wrote this long! *throws confetti* But im soooo proud of this scene. Haha! 

Signing out : Miszc Jung Sap @ Sapura Abdul Rahman! <3
*I even put my dad’s name, Haha*

Friday, April 15, 2011

♥ Cos Life is Really Too Long

Life is way too long too walks through it alone.

That is what's friends are here for. We TALK, we LAUGH, we JOKE till early morning, we CURSE, we FIGHT, we FOOL the other...

But inside, we really LOVE and HEART each other. It's not easy and it's not hard to be a friend to someone. It's all about loyalty and trust. Of love and care. Of understanding and tolerance.

Just .. U were there. U are always there. U know, it's not about being with somebody all the time. It's just that U being there for me.And most of all, in silence and distant, its what gives the most pleasure and comfort.
~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Never worry about the darkness 
because that’s when the stars shine the brightest! ♥
U are always right! :) Hehe. Sometime I wonder if i befriend a fortune teller, dear! :D And the more I talk to U, the more emo I become. ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Some people do not need to WORK Too HARD.. Do not need to THINK that MUCH and do not WORRY about many things as much as the others. Because for this 'some people', every things are available and all ready for them. 

But to some people. Hardwork and Thinking *even if too much* is essential for them. Is A MUST DO Things for them... 

Because to this 'some people', things that U fight for and U work too hard to earn gives u a satisfaction and comfort and pleasure that U could never get anywhere. And this is the things that we loveee and appreciate the most. Cos no matter how small it is to the others, it is soooo HUGE for US because we EARNED Them ourselves. 

* ^ ___________________________ ^ *

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Serious Random!

If BABY CAT is here.. They surely will be happy! because I always have so much leftovers from my meals... And if They're Here. They surely can finish it UP in no time.. :D 

Anyways BRUNO MARS! :) I loveeeeeee you. I do! Just the thing is. Mr. Exam plan to come on my way, locking me up in this cellar to suffer the EXAM fever! So.. Sorry I couldnt meet You! ~ 

- This is what happened when U dunno what's happened to Ur Brain! -


- White Xmas from Kat-Tun -

The street glittered with silver as rain becomes snow
I saw the dream colored future on that day of Christmas
I smiled at you on that sacred night
The tears overflowed, though I will love you forever, why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, and at the sky far beyond here
someone new is waiting, holding on to a feeling that will never fade
We smiled at each other in those days, we were not afraid of anything
But I hurt your kindness, on that day of Christmas
I searched for dream and hope, and I found nothing but lost
The sky I look up to is too high, I cannot hold on to it even if I can reach it, Why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, the unhesitating feeling of those days
Continues on to a new tomorrow, a story that will never return
Even though I will wonder as I start walking, but the snowflakes that melted in my hand
will comeback again someday and reassure my heart

-____________________________________________________________ -

Honestly DBSK is daebak! :) My most favorite.
But still, I was born to be a stalker.. SO... :D

I love Kat-Tun! I really DO! :D Especially .. Kame-chan! 

Yes! He's Kamenashi Kazuya @ Kame-chan! Main vocalist of this band. 
Totally LOVE! <3
No JOKE! But he really can sing and act really well. ~
I love his cute, cool image. Very 'quiet' like me! :D

My BAKA-ness!

This is serious! *_*

As U all know, this is my study week. Yes, next week that means tomorrow onwards is officially my Final Exam Season/Month! I have like 7 papers altogether. And NO Shit guys. 2 hours credit paper sometimes feel like 4,5 credit. And 4 credit hours is like...? And duh! This week will have 2 papers : AI and PS! Gosh! Please save and help me! *begging/praying* I seriously DUN Really have much of confident. I hope I can do well for this. Honestly I really really needs luck on my side. So Mr. LUCK, please come visit me often, will U? Or better of, just stay beside me... *wink* 

Anyways.. I am in a sooo big damn trouble! Please anyone come and smack my head hard so that I can place my 110% pure concentration on my studies... Grrr.. Honestly 3:2:1 ratio for sleep:play/eat:study is NOT good. Not a good ratio at all. If we refer to any pharmacopeias, this certainly does NOT comply to any standard value... Gosh! *facepalm, kick the brick*

------------- #%&$&*@%~`'&@&$%# -------------

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cats and the Wonder?

Actually this statement really makes me wonder.. Ever heard of "Curiosity Kills the Cat"? Or "Cat Got Your Tongue"? And what makes the real wonder is "Cat has 9 lives"? :D Ever heard of any? I bet U do, rite? 

Anyways, what really grabbed my attention *in this I am-suppose-to-be-studying-all-day-time week* is the 3rd phrase : Cat has 9 lives? I think most people knows of my obsession, love and passion for a creature called cats? Whoever had been with me for at least a year should have known. *It is only if u pays a good attention to me ;)* So, since I was 14,15 I have heard of this phrase. From people, from books and also in the movie Catwoman? :D Ever watch? Erm, star of this movie Halle Berry? Still don't know? then check it out yourself! :D Hehe.

CAT HAS 9 LIVES - Sap, The Cat Lovers Tale

FYI, i have been feeding and taking care of Cat and the family since I was 5 years old. Till now, I think if U total Up i will have up to 100 cats! haha. U know la, cats. They breed like .. er, cat? :D Hehe. So, the ancestors, great great grandparents, grandparents and family, parents and family, aunt and uncle, children and siblings. OK all of them has been taken care of by me.. :D
Oh GOD! :DD A lot rite? ^^ 
OK im not gonna tell U my history with cats. I am SUPPOSED to tell a tale on "Cat has 9 Lives"!!! So, U know... Cat don't really has 9 lives. Believe me, trust me. They don't. 

For example, 

1) If they were kicked or fall off the rooftop, they still survive. 
In this case the injury is not severe. That is why they can continue living. But believe me this does not means they still have 8 more lives...
 2) Accident between a cat and a car! :(( 
--> Cos the impact is too huge and most likely a serious harm and damage occur to the organ system of the cat, So the cat dies... 
* trust me, this is true. SO example (2) shows that cats live are not calculated this way
3) Cat-Dog fight
- have u ever watch such a fight!? Hey I mean the real cat-dog fights ok? Not the 'cat-dog fights' drama.. Geez... Hermm its very scary. Do U know and notice how scary dog becomes whenever they see cats? Gosh its real scary U know? its like as if they turned to a lion... Serious scaryyy... 
and did u notice how big, how sharp the canine teeth and their nails are? OMG! Its very deadly U know? 
--> In this case, 99% probability that the cat wont survive..Unless some brave human are willing to go save them! :D
4) Poisoning
-- One of my cat also accidentally lick/eat poisoned grass/plant. And she died later in 5 hours. :(( That is soo terrible moment for her and US! :( 
5) Improper care for the baby cats and also pregnant cat
- U know Human sometimes are too cruel without they realising it. U know rite how cats love to migrate and sometimes U will find them sleeping on corridor or near yr house. But some ppl, they are too cruel and loveee their grass more, so they chase and even beat up these lovely creature. WTH people! Please, WWE. Sue this people!!
--> So newly born kittys needs a proper shelter, meals and most importantly :: WARM! 
(if they are left in open and no mommy or even owner., they will most probably die. Just like that)
6. serious beating and torture from human/physical injury@trauma.
--> Scientifically, it has been proven that cat is one of the mammals with most flexible and strong skeletal system. They also although looks fragile but able to withstand up to XX (dun really remember) force applied. 
- However, just like human. If the impact is too huge., the skeleton will break. And damage. Skeletal damage will eventually cause organ damage/rupture, etc. >> Die

I know this is basically based on my observation and no scientific theory.. But, as U can see, this does not mean that the phrase meant 9 lives means cats could be in terrible, deadly situation for 9 times before it die a natural death!

~~ In My Opinion :: this phrase meant ~~ 

"That once a cat dies, it will be reincarnated. That is why no matter where we go, no matter how far we travels, and how long the time past :: When we see cats, they will always looks similar / same!" =) 

Arasso? That is why they said that. Cos if the black cat A dies, another 8 of As will be reincarnated to the world... And of this 8, if cat 1 dies, the same cycle continues.. It continues ON and ON till infinity. That is why no matter how advanced and good the cat breed is, it still will look plus minus the same as the ancestor and finally will be reincarnated to almost similar one. Hehe

LOL ! I typed sooooo long only to tell U this! 
Gosh, ignore me. Im suppose to be studying! :DD Haha. 
Aja aja fighting Rx students! :) 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Smart Choice?

Lets look at the past.. 

Dulu masa kecil all of us dream to be a doctor. Cuba tanya all the children. There are top 3 jobs *according to my survey* of their choice. 

1. Doctor
2. Engineer
3. Accountant or teacher

IF we think back and if we talk to most people, they certainly aims for number (1). Biasalah, in our community especially, doctor is considered as the most noble, trusted profession. Very well paid as well. So mesti la everyone pun aims for it rite?

Haha! Teringat zaman kanak-kanak. This is also my dream before. Except for number (3). If i'm not mistaken, my 3rd choice is.. Pilot @ stewardess kot? haha! Me? Stewardess? Geezzz. Haha. Nampak macam TIDAK je kan? Walaupun a sister of a friend of mine (MAS Stewardess), she told me I actually meet the requirement! Hahaha!~ tak boleh tahan kan? ^^ No no, absolutely tak perasan! Thats what the *expert* told me! :D 

Tapi, I ni jenis yang berpijak ke tanah! ;D Maka, I admit. That job certainly does not SUIT me! :D The Almighty Capu! x) Selain ganas dan gagah, saya juga tiada feminity. And most importantly, I am an Outspoken person! plus sangat cerewet! plus sangat TIDAK Sabar! Soooo, sebelum passengers of the flight terbang keluar dari flight tu, baik Saya mengundur diri! :D HAHA!~ :D

Selain itu, lately saya beri counselling kerjaya kepada some of my Juniors ya? Haha! ^^ Every year and most of the time pun, this has been my part time jobs! :D Lepas ni boleh la buka consultant/counselling firm kan? In case dah boring jadi pharmacist? :D 
Walaupun mereka ni masih junior, tapi i seriously tabik kepada mereka la cos they are very inquisitive and sangat fikirkan future la. Bukan la nak cakap those yang tak tanya tu tak fikir, but I don't know. Rasa boring dah kot cakap dengan Uni student, so when i meet and talk to any of my Juniors, rasa bahagia.. Dan MUDA! :D
Anyways, adik saya mahu stop attending college, cos he said he don't have any interests anymore to study and he don't like to do assignments and stuff. But tak sure yet. I hope he won't la. But on the other hand, I think if he already feels that way and already want to work, plus cos he is attending private college *which requires a very huge amount of $$$$$*, it would just be a waste if he spend another year or two studying but has no interest with it. So, as a loving and caring sister, I told him. "STOP je la college, dik!" HAHA! :D no no don't get me wrong, my family and I really values education to the highest level. Tapi, education does not mean U have to spend 3,4 years studying when U urself has no interest at all on it. and U know U can do much much better OUT there, rite? :) Unlike me, i memang bookworm sikit! Kata Nerd? ^^ Soooo, im glad to stuck here *with all complaints* and study till I graduate! :) 

Also ada news ni. Eyh bukan news k, just some stories to share with U guys. This happens to my brother's friends. Erm not a good one, tapi I think it is good to share this. Hehe.

U guys surely know right how many private colleges are out there. *lately saya asyik mentioned bangsa ini shj* But, lots of them actually they think that it is very COOL and a good thing to go to college and graduate. However, they don't really received a good result. Its not worst but still not good la. Anyways, please note that not all private colleges are good and prestigious ok? Eg : taylor's college, Segi College are among the most prestigious la. But of course, its very expensive and has high requirements in intake esp for professional courses like Medical, Law, Pharmacy, etc.

Tapi, sebab rata-rata masyarakat, they want to send their son/daughter to higher learning institution, so they don't bother to ask/search info and all and just send their kids over there. To random college i mean. Anyways, just imagine for the first semester of studying, at the not so prestigious college, for 1 semester of Diploma level, they have to pay almost 10K! that is too much rite? 1 semester - 4++ months only. Just imagine nanti macam mana? They have signed the contract and everything and simply pay the money without asking why and what is it for. And just imagine the shock when I was told that for the whole Diploma course, for Business Management, it needs RM60000++! Thats soooo damn lot rite?

Gosh Human! Is it that easy for U guys to spend money? Ooo. Should I ask, do U think its easy to EARN Money that U, as if U are another Bill Gates relatives who has billions USD$$$ in their account, spending it like no tomorrow. 

Oh, actually I forgot what I need to say. But basically, just to warn U guys don't get easily cheat. Esp in matter of Education. Everyone treasures it soo much that I know if were given chances, U are willing to do anything for it. But also, don't kill yourself only for the sake of it. if u want to attend college, especially private one, U can ask those who knows bou this. so that U will not get cheated that way. And soo that U won't kill yourself for something that worthy BUT not at all of the value that U need to pay. 

Just think of when U go shopping. Eg : Padini is having a SALE. Say that the black pants there cost MYR90. And another shop sell the same one at RM39. But no trying allowed. Plus, surely not of high quality. I know U will say Im so brand conscious and all, but what I wanna say is if U choose to buy the PDI pants at RM90, its sooo worth it ok? High Quality cloth, neatly designed, good material and long-lasting. :D Soooo, make a smart choice! ;>

ps : I know I am being ridiculous, I put everything inside. Haha. I know I am! And after finished typing, I can't even think of a title for this post!~ *facepalm*

Of Malaysia?

I read this one article. Basically, this is what the author wrote :

"Most Chinese go for IPTS because they are not accepted in IPTA. Plus the existence of quota for Bumiputera and non-bumi, it makes it difficult no matter how good ur achievements are. Also, the Chinese value education so much that they are willing to pay for it. But the Malays who got accepted there are not studying good enough!"

Before anything. Let me tell U that I am certainly not a racist party. Im never member or participant of any racism campaign ok? I'm certainly not skeptical or prejudice or bias-ing, this is totally pure, rationale, personal opinion based on my knowledge and experience. I practice 1Malaysia, I love technically all my friend. and I treasure my life here as malaysian. Living in a multiracial country, with a beautiful cultures and tradition. And most important part is : with widest varieties of foods one could ever find! x) Yes! And I liveee ever since diapers, with my multiracial friends. Even my family has some mix blood here and there! *wink* and all that k? And certainly I vote for 1Malaysia for eternity.

So, back to the topic. The issue stated by the author (somewhere in a blog) is not new. It is actually a topic of debate, unsatisfaction from public generally. Those who have been there, especially in tertiary institution should understand this more than anyone else rite?

I think what the author said is mostly correct! Please open ur eyes real wide and U can see the truth. Even ur heart will be able to tell U ok? Certainly, trueee.. For the fact that, it is easy for Malays to be accepted to IPTA and gain scholarship. that is an obvious truth! When we compare this two, we will find that the brilliance, academic achievements of the Chinese students are much much better than malays. Don't get me wrong. There are lots of brilliant Malays out there as well. But generally, if U look through a group of student, U will be able to see this differences. Not only in competency in study, but also in generic skills. Plus, if U see.. Take an example of this class. When U compare their result from STPM/Diploma/Matric, those accepted to this degree class. Chinese results are much much lots more better. We can't deny that ok? 

Not to be saying that Malays is too lack of competency, not brilliant, etc. We do OK? just this is an obvious fact. Please put aside ur semangat of treasuring and fighting for the Malays rights! 

This is global era ok? Malaysia has to set some standard on their education system. Im not criticising people. This is only my opinion as a neutral party! I wish that Gov will soon change the policies cos for how long they want to keep malays in the safe zone. We must be fair and practice a much more realistic system in order to produce a real competitive group of students.

Im kind of dissapointed with some comments leave by people.. Truthfully! Maybe my opinion looks so racism, *the Malays thinks so* but honestly I am Not k? Some big changes has to be done if we wish to be on the same level as other developed countries. Just look at how good Singapore has been! :)
This is exactly what happened last time when Tun Dr. M announced the implementation of teaching and learning of Science and Maths in english, not long ago! 

Ps : Im not saying that I am brilliant, but at least i feel i deserved to be here!~ :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Me = Cute!

ME! :)

See... Cuteness is really ME! :D <3 
GOSH! Haha Veryyyy cute rite? ^^

Miss the crazeee! :D

After this.. After all this is over *for a moment*, i will go and Roxx the world with my super crazeeee and awesome buddies.. All my beautiful and perasan peeps! i miss them really! :D Hehe. 

I don't care... We will enjoy to the maxx.. Gossiping, eating, camwhore-ing like crazeeee! x) 
Nice one rite? ^^

MAY! I can't wait for You! ~~ :) 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not about Me!

Seriously, I've met many type of people all my 20 (almost 21) years of life. Be it good or bad, annoying and loveable, cute and funny, dorky and sweety, stupid and bitchy!~ yes, ive met them all. Also, Ive worked in so many things, organising sooo many events, dealing with lots of people from all walks of life. Datuk ke, normal people ke, i had ok? :D

Okay, so now my purpose is not to talk about myself. Just a simple thing that crossed my mind lately. 

U know some people tend to make me gag, vomit my stomach content out with their behaviour. Honestly!~ What U ask me? Lemme tell u..

There are some events that causes this annoyance. Anyways. I really dislike/hates/despise the fact that someone try to act all mighty, brilliant, smart and everything. U got what I mean rite? They tend to act as if they are the-knows-it-all type! Giving orders and instructions. Love dominance... Not that I'm saying its bad. But truthfully, democracy concept is soooo far away from that ok? U suggest something.. And u urge and use ur power and influence to make other ppl agree on ur thought! U know what.. That is soo low, irrespectable, plain annoying! 
U get what I mean? That is soooooo *all stated above*. and what I cant stand is, don't talk about ethics and protocols if U urself was one of those who break them. Ok? That just wants to make me suck ur brain cells out! *Ewww, gross!~*

Anyways, power and fame never tempt me. Never something i seek of in this life. Just one thing la.. RESPECT! 
~ Respect is something to be earned, not to be expected ~ 

That means respect others ok? 

Real Random!

Most people thinks that the weight of work they carry is more than others. Blaming others for being happier and not soooo burdened like them. That they suffer much much more than others. Thinks that they lost sooo many things and very week and pitiful compared to others. 

but we tend to forget that there are lots more unfortunate person out there. those who suffered from things that we can never imagine. those that lead, not only a troubling, but also a dreadful, cruel life. 

You just like to blame people and criticise others for being so free. And u love to talk about unfortunate event that happens to only you.. But u forget to Look around and See, that there are so many others out here that are of greater needs that U! 
*Soooo peeps.. Don't be sooo selfish and don't be sooo mean of the lucky life that U lived. please for Once thank God for a beautiful Gift he awarded U!*

020411 Updates!

So here is the final exam timetable! :) 

2nd year Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM
(List of subjects)

1. Various Body Systems Therapy
2. Antiinfectives and Chemotherapies
3. Pharmaceutical Analysis
4. Pharmaceutical Technology
5. IT in Pharmacy
6. Sterilisation and Aseptic Techniques

I don't remember.. But my exam will be from 12 April 2011 till 26 April 2011.
Then, 4 months holiday... :) 

But no I will join many activities.

 i. NoGAPS 2011 --> MyPSA at UM for a week
ii. Health Counselling Week at UKM Medical Centre for 2 days
iii. Pharmacy Attachment --> Work la! 
iv. Green Lung - SayWhat? XD
Maybe just go and kacau people at the carnival! :D
 v.  University of Surabaya? --> my biggest dream.. Haha!

So, just want to share to those who care! ^^ 
Take care peeps... 

Gambateh for final exams! :) I know its hard, but lets study and scoreee well! :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Magic of LiTi! :)

*Love In The Ice (Strings version) - SEOUL Dream Contest 2009*
owner : idkmybffdbsk / Joyce Bullock-Vigdor, from Atlanta

If u ask me, I would say, that the most beautiful, meaningful and all the full-full song for me is this : Love IN The Ice from DBSK! :) I know i sounds so Emo and Jiwang, etc. But i simply love this songs! 

The lyrics, the meaning and add to it, the powerful vocals of the singer. and the beauty of the melody! Its really beautiful! If u read through the lyrics, U will find that it is not only a sad, emo love song. Its everything about love.. Despair, desperation, wants, needs, hope... Everything that gives meaning to Love! :) 

Really really love this song. especially this acoustic, string version. She's very talented musician from Atlanta. And she's really awesome... <3


 Just tell me how many accounts I actually have? :) 

Hello April! ;)

So, today is the first day of 2011, April! 
No APRIL Fool tricks this year! ^^ Not that I or my other classmates remember it anyways. This week has been like, literature review for our thesis plak. Everyday we have presentation. Present everything after more than a month research! 

Anyways, cheers for those who has helped me a lot in ensuring that each of our presentation a great success. Thank for your very hard work people and thanks for er going through all this pressure, and to some, thanks for being efficient of my dead cruel standard/high quality of works/frequent editing, etc. Also thanks for everything! :)

Also today marks the very important date for our presentation for this semester is officially over! :) But no no. thats not the end. Not just yet! We still have to go through another 3 dreadful weeks of final examination. Which I tell U will be super deadly and killer! Hope we can go through this peeps. ;) 

U know.. With hardwork and courage. With love and care. With passion and spirit! We have to score well, arasso? ^^ make sure we gambateh! ^^ 
All the best for your final exam people. Study smart, study hard. Be efficient. And pray to god that our brains and body will be in a tip-top condition throughout this exam season!


psss : I just got my VAIO Baby back! :) I promise i will take a better and best care for U from now on! 
Trust me on that! <3