Always Keep The Faith! ~AKTF~ =)

Let’s Never Stop Ourselves from Talking, Walking, Jumping and Running! =) You and I! Let’s live like nothing matter! :D

Monday, January 30, 2012

Human! ~

when U decide to talk about something, it is best and very very advisable to know and really understand whatever shit U talk about. stop acting like U know. And even if U know, it doesn't mean U are knowledgeable about stuff rite? that's why even there is a doctor, a pharmacist is needed as well cos though the field of work is the same, they have different specialities. Do not Talk if U only want to cause anger or simply waste time of others. Because I'm not someone who will simply keep my mouth shut and accept whatever U said or receiving the effect of the bull U crapping!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

♥ Just ~

I've been busy the whole week. Konon celebrate Chinese New Year la konon. :DD Actually busy visiting.. erm more like menyibuk kat rumah Said Person. But people love me, I know!~~ 

Tapi had visited and did many good things with awesome, crazy but loveable people every single day! ^_^ Thanks for the time and memories, guys  ♥  Nothing I love more than being with you guys! :DDD 

Ceh. Being romantic doesn't suit so I shall stop. :D

Also. I'm done with the blog i'm assigned to do. Now just waiting for the content to come in. Haisz people. u know U should use a little of yr time for that don't you. Work is work no matter where you are and whatever occassion U are having now. 

Pssssssss : will upload pic if rajin. Cos i find stalking jobs much much more lovee!? :) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

this is the Dragon's Yr!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, everyone! :) 

Yeah it's holiday.. Time for partayy!!~~~ just me likey. XD
Anyways. My last paper was on 18th. but i got back to Klang only evening of 19th. cos dear Dr. Fern requested for a last minute meeting. it's not a bad, bored type. Cos You know, she is that amazing and she has her own style. Sooo our generation! :DD Haha.

Anyways. It's holiday people. First of all, Happy Chinese New Year dear friends and family. Not like i'm celebrating nor is my family. Just, some of them are already my family, get it!? :) Just take care of yr health and yrself and your safety whenever and wherever you are. I know the temptations of festivities, but please do control yr food consumption. Control yr excitement, be patient and considerate too. :) Oh yeah, if you're sick, do take extra caution and also take medicine, arasso? 

:) Hm i forgot what i'm supposed to say. Just wanna tell you guys actually that i will be kinda free. With meetings and some presentation and extra project to work on, if U want to meet up, do call me up! Old frenzies esp. Did you know how much I missed you!??? :)) I've one trip planned and going to work this coming wednesday and thursday. Oh not to forget our 'Makan Besar' tomolo in BBQ Land, hurray!! :))

i simply love each of you. Everyone of you! :) <3 i really do.

Cos i still have and use my heart U-know? Although some people had recently showed their blatant stupidity with the ridiculousness of their thoughts and thinking. *anger*

Happy CNY Eve everyone. I promise to be good! :)) 

TVXQ!(동방신기) _ MIROTIC-주문 _ MusicVideo(뮤직비디오)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


It has been a very busy, extremely busy week. With exams every single day. N lots to read. N me is still me. I can never stop myself from being me and more than ordinary to other people. :DD Anyways. I can't believe, it's already entering 3rd week of January!! :))

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

♥ Day 4 of 366

On the fourth day of 2012. 

CVT paper : NOT To be conceited or snobby, just want to say I FEEL GOOD! :) Hope i really did well and no mistakes done. -Amin-

Dream and more dreammmmm! :) 
You know just how Fu much i love dreams don't you? And nooooo. Don't ever think of that!!~ My brain is as pure as my heart and soul! The  dream is totally innocent. 
Well nothing is when it involves my super smexing gorgeous DongBangShinKi!! :DD And this time, there are 5 of them.. All in my dream. Woohoooot!!~~ And we are like acting in a new version of Totally Spies. We all (DBSK and I) we are spies in the story! XD Yeah, with magic ball and time travel and amazing spy actions... And best thing is I talked to them. XDDD And hold Yunho's hand!! OMG OMG I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Also i had a good 2 hours sleep. And i can't stop talking. And i just talked to a wonderful person. and i'm happy. :)) A very nice day of 2012. YESHHH!!

Still. 5 more papers after this. I still have to study. Bless me with all this books and hardwork, hopefully everything turns good ! :)