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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Me! -part 1-

Let's get to know each other shall we? 
2010 will end in less than 48 hours but I have not yet introduce myself properly! *OMGS!
Name : Miszc Jung Sap! =)
D.O.B : 22nd July 1990 ( i am 20 y/o but not OLD okie!)
Where i come from : Mummy --> Klang --> Currently studying in UKM, KL! :)
Blood type : A+
Height and Weight (current) : 167cm, 47.5 kg
Hair color : Black
Siblings : 6 (one elder bro, 2 younger bros and sis)

Hobby : Read, Observing people, talk, voice out my opinion, cleaning 
Favoritesss ...
- Color : Red, Blue, White
- Book : All except tragedy and romance
- Subject : Chemistry and Biology - Hate calculation! 
- Food : Everything esp the simple, home-cooked meal
- Place : Wherever my beloved were
- People : Those who love and love

I love love.....

1. My Family and Friends (U know who u are)
2. DBSK : Mostly Mr. Jung! ;) But i'm easily tempted and seduced with the gorgeousness of Jaejae, Max, Micky, Xiah! ---> I love them all for sure! XD 
3. Cassiopeia esp. my little role-play family, hehe
4. Animes, Manga
8. Camera and pictures

My dream...... (more to future plan!)

^^ Success in everything... To graduate with excellent results! ;) 
## To go to an island with my WHOLE family! 
^^ To accomplish all the vacation plan with my friends..
## Next reunion of my school batch which will be in 5 years time - I hope to meet all the people i love.. 
     To forget every stupid things we've done in the past! And to chat happily *my expertise* with them! ;)
^^ Get a whole collections of all books i love :: Harry Potter, Eragon, Apprentice, Magic Wizards, the Historian, etc....
## New lappy :: MacBook! ;)

This is random! Actually i intended to write something else... But while writing... i forgot la pula! ;) Hehe
Off off! ^_^

Nothing better! :)

Nothing is better than being with old friend(s)! :)

Seriously! I met my long-long time friend.. A girl who i have not seen for like ermm 3 years since SPM over! Oooo it's just a co-incident that i met him yesterday!! :) U know what its super UBERLY Fantastic! XD Seriously! Our random talk was wonderful! Our imagination are beyond words! Seriously that is soooo random! I cant believe that I and that girl (who seems to be quieter than me!) could talk for 2 hours non-stop! Then later we continue chatting at chatbox! I, in the midst of doing my assignments but still, *brain is a powerful thing* i can chat with her for 3 hours non-stop continuing our disturbed conversation at the mall earlier... We talked about our schoolmates, classmates, teachers, our life, Malaysia, BF (None of us have any), future dream, kiddos! Haha. Hillarious! :DD So what if i really talk about all that with her? ;)  I am NOT old, ok? I'm just planning my future.. wisely! Haha!

Ooo. Now i realised just how much i missed my High School Life! XD 

Monday, December 27, 2010

4 months of sems break beginning 2011??

There has been a proposal and discussion done on this matter.. About re-scheduling the semester and study programme for all tertiary education center in Malaysia. To standardize the schedule of our institution as that in the UK, US and other foreign countries.. That means 4 months of Semester Break for Summer Holidays and Our Festive Season. Which according to 2011 calendar, the institution new semester will reopen only after the Eid! :) I attended a meeting today with my lecturer and she highlighted about this matter to us to help us rescheduling our plan of activities for the next semester..

At first the idea of such a long break really tempt and excites me! Cos like seriously.. 4 months worth of break? Who wouldn't like it, don't you? ;) After months of struggling and working ur brain and ass out! Seriously, that is one worthy thing rite rite rite? At least u can enjoy the holiday till the max and do lots of stuff and ends up died of boring-ness! Boredom! :DD

But personally.. When I think back of this matter, i feel ermmm not ridiculous or impossible.. but i just feel that it is so unreasonable to do so! Not that i disagree totally on it but i just think the bad implications is more than what we will actually obtained from this long break!! U guys wanna work? Like seriously? OK some might want it! But just to be truth, i prefer studying than working! And like what... 4 months break? I think 1 month break already make my brain freeze.. And unable to remember in other words, forgetting everything i've been studying before! But 4 months break?? I think i will seriously forgotten everything i have ever studied for the past 4 yearssss! :DD

Comparing our education standard and programme and all that, we can't deny ours is good.. But if we see the way the students of our country are learning and the 'custom' of study and the syllabus of study and all.. I think we are ermm not incompetent, just that... What i meant to say is that, most of our student studied basically for the exams! and they will easily forget what they studied after a short celebration of the end of exams! And whats more after a long break. That's why ermm we can say that most students (me included) has not mastered the subject we suppose to real well.. Just like for short term like that! Then we don't have anything to do during the break and like seriously, most of our student are not the type to study (that includes me), especially during the break! ;) Like yeah! What do u think! But ermmm i do study a 'little' bit, ok! Not that i leave everything! :D

Ermmm on other side, i think if the government really granted, approve of this proposal.. I think the university through the faculty itself should think of a 'sems break programme' like giving out assignments, practical, or having activities like a workshop or conference or something sooo that even at slow rate, we are still learning! Oooo but i think (proposal for my Faculty), hehe. We should do things like what the AIMST Univ did! :D Interuniversity Camp and conference... or we do something more practical than being in labs and memorising things in books! :DD Practical in Guardian Rx sounds good! XD 

** Note! This is not an opinion from a qualified author! ;) Hehe.

Niteys! :D 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Of Seafood and Birthday Cake! :)

OK i know!~ Title nak gempaks je! :DD Hehe. Anyway i was out today for a wonderful dinner with my belovey Frenzieeeee.... Jeannie, LC, Ekin, Aiman, Hansz Haikal, Chida and partner! :)) Hehe. *Sorry, no photo will be uploaded cos im not the camera-girl of the nite!* Hehe. I am more to a starving cutie girl who was busy ravishing the food and drinks during dinnerrr!! :) Not my fault that im that hungry, rite missy Tummy>? ;) 

Soooo i ate seafood tonite!! Which cost.. a LOT! But ok la cos i ate a lot and we ordered a LOT!! :) Hehe. The most important thing is... we enjoyed the dinner a LOT! :DD Seriously, u can't have that much of Joy and Fun and Excitement and Happiness and Giddiness with others but your five long-long years best friend whom behold ur deepest secrets and had a deep dark-bright history with U!! :) And yeah, we caused 'Chaos' at the restaurant but~~ Everybody loves U.S! Keh keh!! And it's Christmas Eve people!! We have to be happy!! :DD But the restaurant, all the songs they played was a sad, sad songs.. all the Farewell type!! Even the Happy Birthday song soundss soooo opera-like!! Haha!!

And it was at the end of the dinner when ShahBoon was born!! :DD Haha!! OMGS! :D I dun really mind being CapuPai!! OMO Tat is sooo cute rite?? But peeps! I really prefer Rabbit Over Tupai!! Seriously Rabbit is more famous and cute and tupai is too fluffy!! Hehe ;) 

Yeah, the thing is after all this happy hour.... i am suffering rite now... of itchiness due to allergy.... i tot it has long gone... but.. luckily i still have the cream!! ;) but OK la as long as its with u guys! Like seriously my beloved friendss, KAWAN KAWAN TAK KISAH!! XD ** OMO i really treasure this moment and really looking forward of our next little Reunion! :)*

Most importantly,
To :: Miss Ekin Maszli (Whom im not sure if u already know of the existence of my new blog, so please buzz me or follow me if u ever visit me! XD Hehe)
    To U Ekin who has just turned 20 years old officially last nite, i wish u a very very extremely super HAPPY Birthday!! :) I did not forget ur birthday seriously! I remembered but cos i dun have credit.. and i am tooooooo S.H.Y to write extra long post on FB and Too Hard for me to create such a wonderful words for u (which later wil be viewed by thousands ppl) sooo i decided to just do it here, in hope that the said person will be smart enough to at least go to my profile info @ FB and check my website there! :) 
    Oh please don't be mad babe! XD I seriously lovelovelovelove you!! ♥ Our history since five years ago was the main proof of the friendship we have till now! Grr seriously I hate You in the past and i Hate you now too, althou the love i had for u exceeds  it all!! :) I really love to glance back to the past.. back to the silliness and to be amused by how am i being a friend.. a close one to a person as crazeeeee as u! Seriously thats among the 'thing Capu most wonder in her life'!! Hahaha! And yeah u are now officially since 4 years ago was.. and will always be one of the most important person in my life!! :) No matter how weird and how NOT shy you are of calling ur self cute, i still accept the fact that we have and will always remains as the best of the best best friend! :)  Wish u all the best for ur future undertakings.. Good luck in everything u work on.. and May god bless U always... Hope all ur wishes comes true.. and Be happy! :)  I will always ♥ you! =) U know that rite? ^^ 

And that's the end of my 24th Dec! :D 
Sorry peeps.. i will write about you guys too... Cos u guys has always been, and will always be the love of my life!! :)  

Lastly.. Happy Christmas peeps!! 
Jingle all around! Make a wish or wishes ok? :) 

With lots of love from : Miszc Jung @ Capupai!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MyKid Me! :D

I want to be kids again! I envy them, seriously!! They live a carefree life! Enjoying their freedom and fantasy! Creating memories! Playing without care of the world! Happy of almost everything! 

I wanted that tooooo!! :( U don't know how weird my childhood is!
U know how much have I wasted last time!! LOL U wouldn't believe it even if i wrote 1001 pages of what i did in my childhood life!! Really weird if u compare the two different ME!! :DD A thousand salute to those who was involved in my transition stage to who I am today! ;)

And now i feel the burden slowly rising up!! And by next week it will drastically level up to the extent that i will turn seriously crazyy!! I will!! So be prepare for the Crazee me!! XD Over lectures, books, assignment, soon-to-come lab reports!! Gosh!! I hate-love my life!!! 
Like seriously, can i return back to the past please please? and can i just remain there?? I dont want to grow at all!! Please please take my growth hormone! Supress my GH secretion!! Professor McGonagall transfigure me back to 'MyKid' age!! I wanna be Kid again!!! I dont want to be a 20 y/o lady!! Please please i would give u lots and lots of Cutey KITTYs for Christmas and New Year!! :)) 

Bwahahahahaha.. Lame and Crazeeee! Yeah i know! 
That perfectly describes me, peeps! 

Niteysss!~~ :)

Gulliver's Travel

I just came back from watching this new movie which has just been released today : Gulliver's Travel! :) 

For those who might not know, this movie is actually a novel-based story. A fiction of Gulliver's life! The role was played by actor Jack Black! :D He's awesome as always! And he played the role really well!! It looks sooo real and i think the messages from the story was delivered really well to the audience! :) 

What is the story about?? [ Hermmm, im sucks at summarizing things but i hope this is ok! :D ]
Gulliver is a single, young man working as Mail Boy in the city of Manhattan! He loves to brag a lot of himself but afraid of facing the world in a braver way cos lack of confidence and fear of rejection (i assume).. But, he's been soooo in love with this one young lady, Daisy. He talks highly but he never did anything that will makes him better and to make his wishes true.. The Gulliver's travel begun when he was assigned by Daisy to uncover the mystery of Bermuda Triangle, but instead he reached a place, a kingdom consists of all small people! So from there everything begins.. From a mailboy to a gigantic 'beast' to a kingdom saviour to a respected man and so-called President Of Manhattan City to a loser who only lied and to the greatest savior back when he chose to save people whom he loves and treasure. XD Ermm i think u better watch it yourself! :) I storongly recommended this, people! So don't miss it! ;>

In my opinion, it is really a very good, interesting and funny story! :D Full of messages besides all the joke they make and really it makes me think of my life as well... And the most important part is.... i watched it with my long lost best best best friend Miss J! :DD So that makes my movie more awesome as ever! Yo Miss J @ Jeannie, i am praising u right now!! Im giving u my thousands love here! Hehe.

Back to the story :: 
* Gulliver found many things in his travel at the 'Small people Kingdom' : of bravery and courage, of friendship and loyalty, of love and sacrifice... Above all is to never think u are useless u know... I love what he said at the end of the story >> "There's NO Small Job, there are only small People!".  So, it means with big heart, u will have big courage which will helps u to overcome the biggest challenge and to realise what u've been wishing for, no matter who u are. 

Although he was only a mail boy, a loser from beginning who then turn to be a liar to amaze people, yet he still have a pure heart and to treasure what he have : courage and love is what turn him to do the best and to save the Kingdom from that stupid, power hungry moron General.. oops, deputy General Edward! XD Hehe. And he also managed to rejoin peace between the two kingdom in war with one another. 

Signing out : Miszc Jung! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Might be NO Christmas Holiday!

And most probably, NO New Year's Break as well!!

Welcome to the very wonderful world of mine!
and let's welcome 2011 with worriness of IPL/PBL!! 
and end 2010 with beauty and lovely-ness of books and journals! :) 

HappY early Christmas and 
Best wishes for the New Year! :D


Honestly, our community seems to have some rules which i think was ridiculous or unnecessary!

Let aside about our custom and all.. This is based on a true story.

Story 1 : Relationship between a young male teacher and a form 6 female student.

This girl was somewhat a typical country girl. I don’t know her that much, but she seems to be the quiet and soft type but strong and intelligent, nonetheless. She seems to attract her teacher’s attention greatly. The normal student-teacher relationship soon blossomed to love! They indeed fall in love with one another. And if im not mistaken they both agreed to be together before the girl leave the school. And after 3 years (now), they are still together and is getting engage this coming May.

Story 2 : Relationship between a young lecturer  and a university student

This university student (female) is a normal girl from KL! She’s not too much of what but attractive and intelligent as well. This young lecturer is one of wanted bachelor (with PhD and all, sooo u noe la rite?) .. And they secretly in a relationship with one another. But i doubt that! Who would say they want to keep it low when they went to a place full of student from same Uni openly together!

This two story actually revolves around the same circle. See : it’s between student and their educator (teacher/lecturer) just they may have occur at different phase and stage. But what makes me feel weird is our people assumptions on this two different couple.

I am not phobic or antis of any of them. Just this makes me wonder. How people come to accept couple in story 1, celebrating it happily. But the other was like have to makes many assumptions and criticising couple in story 2? I was once feel a bit unsatisfied as well cos Uni is different story than school where lecturer has direct interference with our achievements and exams score so this may affect many things. But after a while of thinking and after listening to story 1 which was foretell to me by my coursemate, i think we are just being unfair. We are so unfair to couple 2! Honestly! Maybe it might not be too scandalous if they keep it low and not too widely open. They need to greatly think of their reputation rite? But, haisz. They maybe has made mistakes there by giving bad impression to people.

Whatever. But this 2 relationships was actually forbidden rite? Not taboo but forbidden! I don’t know why! Maybe cos to keep the education system safe and to ensure the clean image of the profession or something like that! But now i decided! J I will not be unfair to people! XD And spread the love all over the world! >D

*Oops im not making any sense here, please forgive me!

Happy Early Christmas, peeps! ;)

I'm Going Crazy! >D

I have the same dreams since the last 3 days! Not only at night but also when i sleep during the day! Of the same person.... But at different scenario of course! ;) I am happy not that im complaining! Just that im too happy to the extent i’m going to go crazy of believing such things are real! :DD Again im not complaining! Who knows that it will become true real soon!! ;)) Haha.

What dream is it? ;0 Ermmmm it’s about a person and few people in my ‘My Dream Guy’ lists!! OMG!!!!!!! Haha. Guess who?? ;) I really ecstatic before sleep cos i know I will dream of him again! XD Could it possibly be that he were my Fated Soulmate/Partner?? Haha! :D He soooo going to be : In my dream, in my reality!! And i am Einstein great great granddaughter! :DD Keh, keh! :D

See.. That’s the result of dreaming too much! I myself could not see the important point of my writing here!! XD  I hope i will not lose too much brain cells from all this craziness!! ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 ends .. (part 1)

It's nearly end of 2010! :DD Oops i kinda excited about it! Btw, i felt happier this time cos i managed to 'i know its not much' but get a good result last sems! Huzzah! Now im motivated! activated to maintain and gain more! XD

Year 2010 marked my significant 2 decades of living in this world! :) Oooo, it's scary cos the number has changed from 1 to 2.. And its a big reminder that im growing older which means that soon i would have to 'seriously WALK on my OWN'! :D Few more years, i would have to go to work.. Soon i will repeat the normal human cycle : like get married, get kiddos! HAha. My parents are too excited about this! :) We've been to a lot of discussion regarding this matter! And know what, my parents and I, we went to lots and lots of Wedding Shops! Haha. Funny time if u see how excited ur normally serious father is when he looks through the gifts collections, flowers and all that.. all the unnamed! ;) 

This means that I have to be seriously thinking ahead as of now! Its not bad to be playful, childish but has to manage la.. Its not easy to be serious all the time! :) And it wont work of being a childish brat!  ;D I have to study hard to graduate excellently! To prepare hard for my future jobs! To make a plan so that i will not turn crazy in early age for the hell of study i have to be IN for the next 3 years and years to come! ;)

Sadly, in my case.. being busy means you have less and less time for something! things u love to do.. Time to spend with ur Besties... With all this nerve-wrecking tight schedule and the abnormalities in time management its hard for u to meet people! I, for instant, has not been meeting this person for almost five months now!!! When was the last time we meet? Ermm.. I dun remember! When im in holiday, she would be having exams. When i were free, she would not be here. And when im soooo damn pack with works, i need to find a little time to be spend with my precious besties! XD Not that im complaining but thats just the way how my life is starts from now on... And im so NOT neglecting things that I have ever forever love! Just time doesn't allow me to be so much involve in it.... There are many things i would have to focus on.. I wish i would have some time for it, wish to be there again... But somehow... its complicated.... I really wish to....

***** TBC *****


Seriously, songs should be creative and meaningful in order for me to 'pay attention to it'! XD 
I don't really love the 'Lady Gaga type of songs.. Not Rihanna either. Normally I wont pay attention to the singer. More to the song actually.. Call me Emo or what, but songs supposed to be meaningful rite? I know about the upbeat songs and whatever but somehow that type of songs won't give us a long time impact than the other.. 

Ermmm for the past 2 years, a lot of songs coming out. We normally are attracted to songs based on the music/melody.. But before making it like your 'daily ritual' incantations, i think u should go through the lyrics first cos some of it, has either a bad meaning or very religious. I know i might be narrow minded of thinking this. but seriously we do have to pay extra attention to it cos what we say frequently will be strongly attached to our brain and indirectly will really affected our action and may affected our soul as well.. 

Not all the Hits from Hollywood, Jpop, Kpop, etc are good. So we should be cautious about this small matter.. Ermm being knowledgable about something won't harm rite?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When New Sems Started! :D

When new sems started, it means u have to be ready for a long tiring scheduled lessons, prepare urself mentally and physically for a long-hour of a boring talk! Also, for a lot of labs practicals... Dun forget to get ready with a long rolls of papers to write down all notes... Be ready to open and carry around a thick, expensive and worn-out library books... to study like a maniac for fear of tutorial, pop quiz and test!! :D LOL u have to or u wont be able to answer a single Qs!! ;) and getting good grades is not easy people! XD

I have long list of tasks to be completed especially by beginning of January! Magazine to be completed. Reports to be submitted! And yeah to help out in editing a written essays! XD And im sooo crazyyy rite now! I dont know what im doing!! :(( LOL Pity my bloggie and FaceBook-ie esp my Twitter!! I totally forgot! Everything was unorganised!! XD And i dun know the reason of why im creating all this accounts! :D And yeah soo long have not been chatting!! Gosh totally! I talk damn alot toniteeee! ;) 

A new day tomorrow! Lets start the week full of energy! Above all I hope all my important tasks will be completed systematically and efficiently unlike my blogs/twitter/etccc.... ;) 

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sitting in the middle of this mushy mushy lovers, i really want to throw up! Haha. Excuse me girls,... and boys. There is a 20 y/o single but not available girl here sitting among u guys so plis pay attention to me! Stop being greasy, i really wana puke! :DD *Mean statement* But try sitting here with this annoying, lovely 'friends' of mine! Honestly, why I agree to meet them tonite again??~~

Dun worry i wont kill u peeps! I sooo LOVE u guys! :))