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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 things!

"Once you have been tagged, you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random things, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 peoples to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If i tag you, it's because i want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

From and for my housemate, Farhana... :) This is my version! :D

  1. Name : Noor Sapura. tapi nama glamour Capu, Sap, Miszc Jung!, cutylurvie <3 
  2. 2nd in the family. I have an elder brother. 2 younger bros and sis. they are loud and noisy and lovesss nagging till my ears turns deaf! But love them! ^^ One thing in common : We all love shopping and we R cats lovers! :D
  3. Favorite color : White and Blue! But trust me, most of my stuff is pink! ^^
  4. My treasure : My Family (each one), my BFFs + BBFs, my KITTYS, my friends, my books and everything!
  5. What i love the most? --> TRAVELLING, EATING, READING, SHOPPING! ^^ they are listed according in decreasing rank of interests! :D
  6. I love to talk! ^^ but only with some people. Im observant and thoughtful and quite very analytical and theoretical person. Good at critics! :D
  7. Feelings --> CALM! *always am*
  8. Place i want to go? --> Overseas. Actually i don't mind as long I have someone I loveee with me! :D
  9. I am alone in the middle of the night : studying + do report!
  10. Wish --> that i could accomplish my mission of studying and able to understand each single thing that i learn n read. Hopefully i will be able to answer all exams Qs and get the best scoreeee! :D
  11. Sensitif , calm, observant, talkative, some says i am a Good talker?, funny, loving, perasan, cuteee!>? :D, critical and analytical thinker, diligent, knowledgable, trustworthy
  12. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee DBSK !  i am HOMIN biased! :) 
  13. Food : Western, chinese, seafood! :D Cant really take spicy food. 
  14. Hate MILK! No Veggiee! 
  15. CLEAN freak! :D Am I? Hehe! 
  16. sangat cerewet especially in terms of works, assignment. So those working with me has to have a great ot of patient and really hardworking and efficient! bear and ready for my wrath/nagging if in case ur work is made cincai-ly and not up to the standard.
  17. I dislike sweet or any cakesss! --> High glucose >> not very good! ^^
  18. i don't like long hair! haha! 
  19. Im the best at chatroom! ^^ hahaha! Can talk non-stop...
  20. I love spazzing and fangirling and stalk my loveeely dbsk! :)
  21. When i do something, i will do it to completion! no half-way things k? 
  22. Family first! *oops, soon when i become a pharmacist : patient + family first plak!
  23. I loveeeee technology! :) 
  24. Science is the best subject in the world!
  25. Money is not everything! :D
So that is all from me! :)


Just in life...

We have a lot of things we want to do. that we wish for. that we wish we have and wish to have. That sometimes we are so into it that we tend to forget of other important things. Sometimes in life, when things that we cared for so much, that we want really bad, that we would do anything and die for, does not goes the way we wants it to be. that it go wrong, mistaken or not becoming what we expect it to be.. it is best for us to let it go. There is no need to hold on to something that we cared so much for all this while when at the moment U are also given a chance for a better-ness, for a much niceeer future. Just let it go cos when u let it go that U will be able to grab and hold on to something new.

Just that is how life is. I'm not saying that life is that easy. It depends. but basically, that is how things should work rite? :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Before U Go! :)

Before You Go - Movie version! :)

Love all the Hotties!
And Nice Song + Story! :) Altho when i first watch, it reminded me of Zhang LiYin and Xiah Junsu "Timeless" MV! ^^

But WT*%*%&.. Why must Go Ara be in here!!!!
OMGOMGOMGS I can't accept this.. Totally can't! 
That is sooo unacceptable.. 
How dare she.. Touch, huggie my Hubby Jung like that! 
This is **)^_^* I cant accept such an act! 
Yunho shipper... Lets raid and kill that girl! *Evil grin*
How dare U ara!

Oh Yunho-sshi! U r so fucking Hot! But i have to admit! 
Shim Changmin is in his own real prestigious standard! :D Awww MinnieMax, That is Sugoooi!~ 
TVXQ : Keep Your Head Down MV

This is one of the most powerful song! In My list! One of my favorite Upbeat Korea/Japan song after Purple Line, Rising Sun, etc. :D KYHD! A super powerful song! Geee.. Seee! they still can perform better!~ Oh no. Not bashing JYJ! Thats just a fact! :D 

Love this!~ No matter how much I want to obey You, but HoMin-sshi i just could not keep it down! :D

All This Lovely Disney Movie Songs! :D

Aladdin Youuuuu!~ :) 

Ah! Love Shrekk!~ :) 



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Mommy!

I just had a fight with mom! *sadly, that's the truth*
And NO! We have not yet reconcile! :((

Just now I chat with someone, My Unnieeee! ^^ She was married 3 years ago, one of my beloved cousin sister! And she had a twins and one baby boy! She works as a Marketing Executive or something like that! Sooo that means as a career woman, she is kinda busy! a lot busy.. I talk to her.. and blah blah. 
She told me a lot of her children. All the stories from how she handle the twins, how they makes her mad, how stressful her life as a mother is, how this, how that. All about Unnie's Mommy Diary! :D Fun to hear. Very interesting!~ She sounds soo pissed and tired.. But.. 
Then she started to talk how she talk to her babies when they were born, of the labor process, of how cute her kiddos are, how lovely and how when she saw them, all burden on her shoulder is lift off. She felt sooo free just by listening to her talk. And Ooo., seriously if u listen to her talk, U will, *like me* feel sooo touch and amazed and... everything! ^^ 

I'm soo touched Unnie! Honestly! Sooo much! :) I loveee ur stories.. *actually it really made my guilt bigger and feel worse than before* but One more thing! AWwwweee U make me sooo giddy and i cant wait to experience the same thing as U do! honestly! I wanna be Mommy too! :) <3 


Happiness is not a gift.

It is something, like other things, that U have to work and strive for.. Strive for it and grasp it with ur hand, hold it tightly on ur palm.. But no matter how tight ur hold is, one day u have to open up ur palm and it will walk away from u.. blown away by the wind.. fly away and captured by someone else in need..

U let it go.. to be captured by someone else.. We are only one person.. IF we let it go, it will bring happiness to more people. Giving hope to those in the brink of hopelesness.. That's what is more important. Life isn't only about I, ME, You. It's about US. Life works that way. Nothing last forever. Just treasure whatever U have now and appreciate all the reason lies behind whatever been happening. We share, give and take.. Fairness and balance of each.

Never lose hope for Hope will never leave man unless when we permit that to happen.

And because Wind will never stop blowing. Happiness from our grasp will be blown away, but there are still so much more for us to catch and hold on to. <3

by : The Cutest Me! <3 

Random! :D

It only has been like one month.. But, exam is coming up in less than a week time. Gosh i could hardly breathe from all this assignments and projects and proposals .. Presentation and all the evaluation. Now have to be ready for my final exam! Honestly, i don’t know what i feel rite now. I’m not sure if its nervousness, fear, confidence. In fact, i Don’t think i feel anything. Why did my heart feel sooo calm..  gosh Heart! Please beat more. I dun care if U rise up to level of tachycardia but please show me some adrenaline rush! Please rush me to work faster. Please rush me to works much better! I seriously do not understand my body and brain. Mind, Heart & Soul! :D Altho.. Erm i really hope I could study everything in this short while. And hope my brain will work efficient enough and remember everything that i studied all this while! :D I dun even feel as if I’ve been studying but whatever! Hwaiting!~ 

Friday, March 11, 2011

just bebel!

Most of the time esp now... I do wonder..
Do they care?

i don't care of whether U do or U don't...
All i careeee was.... Don't mess and betray all the trust given!

And it is a real truth! Working with human is sooooo damn tiring than taking care of 100000 of babies or cats! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

You, you and Youssss!

I am super hyper and really in 'Let's do assignments/lab reports" mode!
But unfortunately, why does people in my GROUP works sooooo slow.... 
Their super duper slowness cause me to slows down my pace as well! Geeeee... This is why I hateeee doing group work!! Really burdening! They, of all people, should understand about time really well!! 

I wish for a moment where i would only study monday to friday.. Erm saturday is acceptable! x) Just... Please.. Give me a FREE sunday! Books-free Sundays!

Oh, Me! :D

Firstly, THANKS Miss Brain-y! For ur support and ur efficiency at work! I never know u will do that well!!~~ Erm, wrong statement! I always knew U would, just that Miss LAZY-ness monopoliseee Miss Cutey! :) 
Simply unbelievable.. But I am Proud and Happy for everything altho lots more weakness and things we need to work on! For better results! <3

Anyways, we have lots and lots more to doooooooo!! :D Long more way to go! Hwaiting dearies! x) Wish U all the best! ^^ No more mental breakdowns, no more heartaches! I know this sounds impossible as we are currently going through it right now! But..... U know u got it! :D