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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exhausting S Spreeee! :)

Yesterday and today .. I really has spent a lot! :D Tuesday with leena and Wednesday with my bro and sisters! Geeee!~~ :D
and if U are wondering... NO! Its not my scholar. the amount still remain intact! Haaha. Just i received money.. U can say salary for helping my Uncle! XD not much but quite OK! ~ Hehe

Oh i bought few things. but too lazey to say what it was and to post the pictures! :D But basically I also bought present for Bonda and my sisters and brothers!!!! Good rite?? Ah! Im so happy finally after touring all the shopping malls at Star Hill i finally found the suitable and good presents for them! ;) 
So now U can say la actually I din spend only for my own but also for family! :D

Oh guess what?? :D Im going out with Jeannie tmlo!! <3 Oh youuuuuuuuuuuuu!! We have not meet for months!!! Almost 5 monthssss! Ceh U if only u studied here somewhere in KL or Klang Valley! *sigh* But nemind i will surely have lotsssss to talk about with U! :D And dun worry ive prepared my Tummy for food tml! :D


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sudah berapa lama I tried downloading DBSK 'Knee Drop Guru' tapi Waeee??? I couldn't! Saya sudah bayar Celcom broadband k? :( Erm tidak boleh pergi la speed broadband nie.... Serious macam kura-kura! :(

Sekarang kat rumah no moree Streamyx memandangkan ada 4 broadbands modem at home including mine. Itu pun dah make up to RM400 per month, tambah streamyx. Nobody is using it actually. So free-free je nak invest tu TM la? and paling panas cos Streamyx orang tak guna but phone bills serious melambung! That is soooooo tidak boleh pergi k? :D

Sooo now, we no longer have streamyx at home! :( One advantage of course la dari aspek economy rite? but ... serious broadband speed cam kura-kura sooo pissing me OFF! Geram tak? Sangat geram! 

Unforgettable Night! ;D

The SMARTEST Thing to DO is to never, ever STAY at HOME alone! Never, EVER! Especially at Night! 

Last night was a supposed to be parents' DATE night! And brothers go Lepak and Futsal game Night with their friends. One of my sis was at my Uncle's, the other one was sleeping like a log in my room! And scaryyy if I must say. Cos she talk and even laugh in her sleep! its funny and cute in some ways but do U know how creepy it is when U are alone at homeeee? 
That is totally unimaginable fear I tell You! I'm scared shit and i kept changing TV channels, to entertain myself la kononnya. But mana tau, the TV station as well decided to torture my poor heart soooo they broadcast Pontianak Maya Karin PSHM! *serious tak ingat the full title* ;D  Apalagi I was soooo scared i turn on all lights at my house, switch on my MP3 and ON tv to watch cartoon and gather all my Kittys at my room and play with them. 

And why am I staying at home again? I also don't know why. Maybe because I tot my family will come back early la. But mana tau they too decided to be single and young again, returned home only after 2.30am! Gila kan? Seriously, after this no moreee staying home alone! :D


Happy MOTHER'S day! :)

* You Raise Me UP*

Simply LOVE this performance! :D 
This song was originally sung by Westlife : You Raise Me Up
Don't ever tell me U never felt touched listening even a little bit of this song, cos that's a total lieeee. :D

I am currently searching for a present for Mother's and Father's Day! 
Ottoke? What should I get them? and it's totally MY money k? 
My Hard Work! :D 

and for TODAY ---> HAPPY MOTHER's Day World! <3 

Billions and infinite love from Miszc Sap! :)