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Let’s Never Stop Ourselves from Talking, Walking, Jumping and Running! =) You and I! Let’s live like nothing matter! :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Love is NOT about finding someone PERFECT for you.
But It's about finding someone who completes the IMPERFECTIONS in you! :) 


This is Revolution! :)


I'm going to be super manic just because of  you both! XD

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There are things meant to be forever. 
As time passed, we go through many things. just so many changes. just so many hurts and happiness. each moment in our life, we see people walking in and out of us. but there are some people who will never leave you. who will always be there and here ♥ with you! :) 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Previously I think I could live just like who I am. Cos honestly i have this hugeeee group of people called friends so I don't really bother and i don't really care about family. 
But TRUTH is, and I am glad i had the chance to realise that family is really the most important element in one's life. 
I actually hated to spend time with family (including grandmas, aunts and uncles) cos all they talk about is business and academics! Sorry but those two are subjects i hated the most. and i hated it. My young self rebelling!! XDDD but soon after finished high school. and after i've been sent away from family, living 'alone', just imagine how much I regret not really appreciating my chances of being with family, of having them and having them scold/lecture/talk to me. 

We're getting busier every single day every single moment. and holiday is very short. 
and i wish we could be given a chance to return back to the day where we not need think about money, work, study, business. 
but that's not true. At least now, even a rich 5 minutes of talking to any one of yr family members makes ur shoulder lighter. makes some, if not all the stress lifted up from yr brain and makes yr day brighter. Just the thought of having 2-3 days break and getting to spend them with yr precious family itself give that warm and incredibly awesome feelings! :) 

Anyways. Happy Christmas. Happy HOLIDAYS! :) 
And lets spend the last days of Dec 2011 with happiness, joy and full of spirit. <3 

psss : 
nope i'm not holiday-ing. I have study break to fill in with extra study.
and ish meeting jeannie soon!! ^_^ Awwe i'm ecstatic! =) 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

25th Dec

Happy X'mas EveryBodeyy! :DD
enjoy the season with joy and happiness. with yr loveed ones of course.

and here I am. Studying! :) 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


in life..
as in the R E A L life..

Accept the fact that U can't really get everything U wanted. 

We needed and wanted lots of things but do bear in mind that it's not all can be ours. What's most important to U? that U have put on your all, give the best out of you and getting or not getting it doesn't matter. the satisfaction and knowing that you've strive hard and good enough is what's needed. Or the outcome of it? It's not wrong to choose any but i sometimes pity those who do all the terrible stuff just to get whatever they wanted. But in the end, even if U really get it, can U look back and say that U are proud of yourself, truly proud of what U have done and proudly tells those to others? and even when U didn't get to reach the outcome, it doesn't mean U are a failure. there are lots of things U actually gained and learned from it, and that's what most important.

Even then, it is DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT to give Up on anything that U have. 

Not even a single thing. Giving UP is simply a NO! U should know where to stop, when U need to say U had enough and why U leave it be. But Giving UP is NOT that. It's like letting go of hope, of something that U once had been very proud of. We all have our own share of misery, but giving UP is certainly not what a human should do. and that defines the real failure. 

psss : Congrats to my Sister for her exam result! Yeah. I'm proud of you, dongsangieee! XD

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20th Dec 2011

I'm just filled up with all the facts and figures and algorithms and scheme and diagrams and all needed to be memorised.

All is fine. All is fine. It's just that i would be doomed tomorrow. 

On a happy note.. I ate 3 plates full of rice!! XDD

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shiawase Iro No Hana 
Flowers With Colours of Happiness!  

How I love this song and its lyrics! =)

Just Me! :)

So i just had this in mind. When i kind of reminiscing my past. My memories. All the times of the past i could recalled of. I must say I am proud of most of the things happening in my life. Of how i changed over time. How myself improving and constantly changing, all i owed to those who directly and indirectly came across my path, being one of the person who changes every bit of my life. Making it happier, sadder?, more interesting than it would've been if just living this life alone. No matter how close or further apart we were, no matter how much involvement U have in my life since I were born. I must say, I'm GLAD of meeting every single one of you. 

The sweetest or most bitter memories. Or whatever person U were once being labelled as by the Mighty Me, I, as a bipolar person myself, is sincerely thanking U guys even if U are unaware of it yourself. 

XD Haha. LOL that was a mess. But ne. Feeling like writing tis!! :))

Friday, December 16, 2011


when i reached my college apartment today, i saw someone leisurely lying in the comfort of my bed. LOL that surprised me for a while. Luckily it was just a friend of mine! XD

Emo Time! :)

I don't know what make me actually think of this.
But somehow. In life. I mean in real life. *not academic and work and stuff*
I'm referring to the life we gonna live. sentimentally, emotionally. and all about family, friends, love. 

So, yeah. in life. 
It's not Perfection i'm looking for. 
Not the awesome, perfect person and story as HUMAN *me included* think they ought and suppose to have. 
I think the best thing. Thing i actually wanted the most to happen is to have and be someone needed by the other. to be the warmth and the light to shine and warmed the life of the other. and to complete the piece that is perfecting the imperfection of the other.

:) Awee romance and the random senti-moment! XD

Random-ity of Life!

So. there goes my perfect study plan. the supposed to be (24x5) hours full of study and revising when mommy decided to take half-day leave from work and fetch me up from college. I should've expected this to happen. LOL a free vacation. And mmg totally book free! :D Yeah.

And no. It's just a random travelling. Non-planned. No special place to visit. Simply going at will. yeah. Cos daddy suddenly decided it's fun to do that. Back-packing konon. last-last everybody pun skipped work! :DD haha. For 3 days! :) That's epic! But NICE! :DDD
Not much of shopping. Seriously we were acting like a very carefree people. Walking without any aims and just walk and talk and chat like we're the happiest, free-est people on Earth! :) 

But that's really are good 72 hours + xx hours of travelling! :) 

Monday, December 12, 2011

At Midnite of Dec 13!

I have extra 4 days free of classes and other official Pharmacy Student tasks/jobs to do. I am supposed to be using all the 4 x 24 hours wisely to study what I needed to and touch-up-ing whatever needed. Please Oh God Please help me make this true... :) 

I'm currently is Sugar High! So im so super active and i can't sit still. I can't concentrate cos extra glucose seems to hyperactive me : inner and out! XD LOL blame that Syazwani Azraai for forcing me to eat the ice-cream!!! :DDD

Anyways. I had fun being sooo sugary and highly today!! :) 

Music :: DBSK Mirotic 

Life is MUCH More Beautiful When U Start Believing! :)

-quoted from A Friend of Mine! :) -

I love that phrase sooooooooooo very much! :) I love it so much. 
It's very beautiful and is indeed very meaningful to many things in life, Mine and Yours on whoever choosing to believe. 

So yes. Believing is one thing. Believing is an essential step to take before U can hold and keep a faith. Faith is faith. Believing/Trusting is main component of faith. Faith is the core, the bigger and most essential things. U need to have a faith on someone /something /some power and some anything. When U believe, then only U may see it. It's hard to say it and to explain it. LOL i'm random and i came out with all this phrases and things randomly that leads to creation of such phrases .. But yeah. That's what i'm feeling.

And lately. Hm. Altho it's non-essential and firstly, i would like to warn U people to not follow what I am doing. But, yeah. I'm talking about the AKTF thing! :DD 
*note to those understanding it* 

Who didn't, then it's ok! :) 
Cos Cassiopeia is a star of the southern sky that always will be there to guide those who were lost and whom seeking for directions to where they belongs. <3
- and a promise is a promise and no matter what the outcome is, and whatever might happen in the future, I've decided and chose to Believe and to continue keeping the Faith! - 

LOL I feel like Shakespeare!! :DDD

Sunday, December 11, 2011

more rant! :D

One thing i'm always soo pissed off with is for the award ceremony voting. How high the standard of the award I wonder. So waeee, waee.. When U make an award of Best Male Singer. What does BEST means? Best in performing his song, done his job awesomely and superbly or really is best in winning the hearts of fans? 

If it is up to me, I will not waste that much of time in voting cos really. If U kind of able to predict what the end will be, then why waste your time. Sometimes I want to tell and make them see sense. Haloooo. Being famous doesn't mean they are good or really the best in the category owkee? Fame is one thing. But stop acting so stupidly and being so ignorant. Just because You Are A big Fan, It doesn't mean U are obliged to vote and do all that stuff for him! That is why. It's a matter of principles and correct brain processing skills. :)

Please forget that I ever said this! :DD