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Friday, November 23, 2012

too much negativity isn't healthy for U! 


- Because I'm lonely-

So yeah. 
this semester is a hectic one for me! 
And when U start working with many people and spend time (almost all your time) then U'll see the real side of people U never see before. 

then another one.
they are so lucky. so much luck that things went their way. and some just were destined for an easy life. 
when u have one thing. U just want more of that thing.
i really am hoping that they would become more considerate about things.
especially don't make your life easier by making things very easy for yourself but U make others does the hard job for U. and not always play the safe sides cos well. life is always a danger to one self.

pss : i don't even know what i'm typing! :*(

Monday, April 30, 2012

May 1, 2012

it is a truly hectic season.
but this is how life is. 

and i've just recovered from sickness.
and earth is getting hotter every single second.
even when u are currently sitting in once the coldest room ever and not stepping out 
under the sun even for a second.

is going to complete all the work and well just continue the never ending work.

---> really wanna watch Running Man Big Bang tapi assignment berlambak.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Great Mr. Jung! ;)

:DDD The Mr Jung! <3

holidays! =)

It’s a wonderful holiday. J

Not much extravagant activities. Just the usual shopping, lotss of mamak session, home visit, karaoke, and food partayyyy! ;) I’m more than satisfied actually with my holiday. I know some would say it was just a waste o f money and time. Why meeting friends that often? But halloo. The often is needed to topup for all the lost time.

And I’m more than happy. Very much happy and satisfied. For being able to meet all my lovelies friends, BFF and dongsaengie… ;) A great CNY visit too. <3 Haha. Should’ve asked for more Mandarin orange. But cos I’m too shy, I didn’t do that. *sigh
Anyways. Friends staying in Malaysia and overseas, all reunion succeed! ;) Thank U guys for being there and willing to spent time with me. Words can’t describe how much I love u people and how glad I am to have U guys as friends for so many years already. And if we’re meeting in the next few years, who knows what U guys might become? All successful people. And maybe even a mother/father of two-three kids. J A very beautiful dream! =)

I’m starting school next week. I got my semester result already. And I’m cool with it. I could’ve done better, but let me act optimist like that please. :D I will maintain and even improve my performance. A whole new challenges for next semester.. I will bring all yr love, support and luck forward and do much much better! ^_^ Oh, I need to start reading stuff so at least my brain warm up before it’ll be put to a very stressful job starting this Monday.

This is too short for my liking. I suddenly have this ‘overflowingMUSE’? :DD LOL but before I become the new generation Shakespeare, I’d better stop. Cos I need to finish watching House! :D Take care everyone. See you guys soon! x)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Whats Up with people and A + B anyway. Just STFU and save Humanity the Pain, will you? You're killing us with yr non-stop chattering and ramblings and annoying whining. I wish i could've done that for the world but you're quite far and i have no slightest intention of getting to you. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Human! ~

when U decide to talk about something, it is best and very very advisable to know and really understand whatever shit U talk about. stop acting like U know. And even if U know, it doesn't mean U are knowledgeable about stuff rite? that's why even there is a doctor, a pharmacist is needed as well cos though the field of work is the same, they have different specialities. Do not Talk if U only want to cause anger or simply waste time of others. Because I'm not someone who will simply keep my mouth shut and accept whatever U said or receiving the effect of the bull U crapping!