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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ramadhan ni, rasa rindu pulak petang-petang kat rumah nak tengok Diari Ramadhan Rafique! :) Especially dengan adik-adik saya.
Seriously, a very cuteeyy, niceee, sweet story. A simple story of a life of a family. ;D i know lots of kiddie. But we learned and become what we are today because of whom we had been when we were kids, teens rite? :D its obviously true. Lagi now, i mmg lepak kat rumah most of the time.. Unlike previous years.. So I surely will not miss an episode! xD

Absolutely will be grateful of TV3 if they decided to replay that drama again! ^_^ 

HAPPY RAMADHAN Everyone... =) 

Actually, me wondering if i spell Ramadhan correctly? Was it Ramadan? But sounds the same, so forgivable kan? :D

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