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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Experience

I went to UKMMC Counselling Week yesterday. Was in-charge of BMI Measurement and als give some help on BP section! 

Actually, I’m very lazy and reluctant U know cos U have to wake up veryyy early and go through a long hours of traffic jam before U reach the hospital. But when I start doing my job.. Gosh! It gives the most pleasant and nicest feeling ever! XD I found some patient are quite inquisitive and kind of likes to ask of soooo many infos.

And some are very particular of things!! They want us to measure their height and weight for like 2,3 times cos they are not satisfied and because the measurement is different from what they had previously! Some even came back few hours later and redo all test.. Not only BMI, as well as BP, glucose, etc. Its entertaining actually! J Hehe. U can see how people is... Even kids came for the check up. But sorry la adik! Most of the machines cannot be used for children below 12 la! Hehe. 

Sooo with full of patience and kind and care and generosity, I answered all their Qs with tenderness, love and care (TLC) !! Hahaha. And just layan them as good as I can! Its very exhausting really but when my shift ended that evening, I feel so sad and reluctance to go back pula! Hahaha. Ottoke? Oh yeah not to forget, there are even few who asked Qs about the machines too! But.. I know only in technical parts!!! Soo,.. I kinda blurts out in the so-called ‘alien language’ and they stared at me back blankly.. And i was like feel embarassed and stop explaining and even try very extremely hard to HUMAN-ised my explanation!! :D Haha.

I really wish to go there and do it again! I know I will do it everyday soon especially after my graduation. But.. I dunno how to describe but what I can tell is that I LOVE This feeling soooo much!

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