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Friday, July 1, 2011

♥ Transformers 3 ♥

Watched Transformers 3 : The Dark Moon yesterday! =) A FantaBulous, Amazing, Awesome story! Action packed, more awesome effects, better cast and awesome plot! And of all the trilogy, I love the third movie the most! ^^ Honestly am! And what can I say, it’s just friggin awesome! J

Optimus Prime! =)

Oh btw, NO Megan Fox in this movie! Whyy? Honestly, I did not knowwww! xD Go check yourself. I am no fans of her either. And honestly I watch and love the movie cos the movie itself not cause of some hot, sexy chick in there ;) Oh, the third movie cast : Shea Lebauf, Josh Duhamel (OMG Major Lennox, U are just so HOT!) and new actress à Rosie Huntington! Who is she?? I don’t really know but she’s one of Victoria Secret’s top Model! She’s sexy, nice body and nice hair.. Also personally I think she’s much much much moreeee beautiful than the old girl! Hehehe. No offence intended! ~

Now back to the story.. I seriously love this one. Why? Cos honestly it has more complicated plot with some twist, trick, secret, mischief here and there somewhere, better action *the battle is The Bomb*, more serious action *more mature n not too fiction, also more Human feelings*, much more real. More elements of humanity like loyalty, faith, betrayal, friendship, courage, love, care against the evil forces due to greed, lust, betrayal, desperation and all that. See, even robots have feeling, know? But it’s truly the bomb! I almost cried I tell yuuuu! xD Almost! And I cried when watching the 2nd movie cos of Optimus Prime’s and Sam’s *death*.. !~

So basically, this last movie of the trilogy is about against Decepticons’ mission in taking over and destroying the Earth. And to bring Cybertron over to the world and it revealed on how the Human itself betray their own race for their greed and also to possess power of their own. Decepticons seems to be winning actually! And middle of the story when Autobots leave the Earth, Decepticons attacks and cause destruction of a whole big city of Chicago! Seriously U should watch this! It’s cool and awesome! It looks so real and we can really feel the despair and fear and anxiety because its technically impossible for Human to gain military help or whatsoeva and the chances of winning is apparently lower than zero due to the fact that the Autobots are…. ****???**** and the number and capabilities of weaponry of Decepticons even exceeded the highest tech of human race!

Whatever, whatever! Just go and watch it okie? This is the last movie and one of the must watch movie of a decade soooo .. Go, araso? J Gosh! U know what, I will go and watch again for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th to nth time.. Cos its really cekap and the bomb! =) Hahaha!

Oh another thing special about this trilogy was that Michael Bay always chooses songs from Linkin Park *my favorite band* as the theme songs of each of the movie! To think of it, I think that’s totally a brilliant choice cos the energy, meaning and feel of the song totally fit and synchronized well with the meaning, plot and messages send through the movie! For this third movie, Linkin Park’s Iridescent was chosen as the theme song! Do check it out!~

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