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Friday, July 1, 2011


I updated a lot lately, didn’t I? ;) Hehe. Lack of people to talk to.. i most of the time talks to things that won’t reply me back like my kittys! I mean, they replied and all but in Cats language la. U know that I’m good w cat rite? That I love them soo much! But the thing is I can’t really understand.. To be honest my cat comes close to me only to get food. When they are full and no longer
Tempted by food, they will ignore me totally and even if I disturb them or eat near them.. they will act and pretends that I am invisible! Ouchh That’s hurt rite?? After all the tenderness, the love and the care
I showered them with... 

Anyways I went to watch Transformers for the second time last night! Still awesome as ever! xD but now, I feel like having fever. So getting sick. :(

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