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Friday, July 1, 2011

Me?! xD

Someone told me this.. His opinion about me. He’s not my father nor a family but he’s one of the most important person in my life and he has also involved during my growing process and kind of assists me a lot during my adolescence age. He told me that I : 

  • An Extrovert
  • Am a girl with a goal. Once I set my mind on something I will work for it by first, plan the path and estimating the progress and result of each of my action.
  • Totally in love and deeply care of everything that I have namely family, friends and also my pets! =)
  • Bubbly, adorable, lovableee ---->> Ahhhh! The cutest description rite?? I blushed when I heard this! xD haha
  • Extremely hardworking, systematic and organised.
  • Not easily tempted @ thinks quite a lot before doing things

** Basically, I agreed with his opinion.. Don’t yuuuu? I think that explains me a lot!~ Hahaha. Just a lot BUT not all about me k? ;D 


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