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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mission! :)

New plan of the week.. Perhaps ~~ month? xD We'll see how it goes! :P

Anyways, f.y.i, i'm a still growing up teens *yeah, i still considered myself as teens cosss.... i'm not a lady? Is that a reason enough?* :) Oh what i want to tell you people is that ------- I AM Planning to Learn Cooking!!

Big news Big news?? Yes yes IT IS!! 8D Wae?? I tell U why! ... Because NO ONE and I really mean it that no one *who have known me all this while* will believe this if i ever tell this to any of them.... Why again? Yeah.. Due to the fact that i'm a lazy ass and kitchen and ME is a total opposite.. Like... Try bringing polar bear to live at South Pole? yeah that kind of difference! :D 

And after watching the full episode of Family Outing *which took me about 3 months!!* i kind of feel excited and enticed with their not so professional cooking and how they becomes better each time. So then I tot I will not be that bad either., soooooo ~~ ME DECIDED To COOK Tooo!~ =) *pats me on my shoulder*

This is My July Mission! xD And AM Feeling grateful cos my baby brother totally agreed and supported meee!! *I LOVE U Dongsaeng!!~* Hehehe. He did! And He even bought me the materials and ingredients to cook! Firstly, Koogi^^ And Fried Noodles! :D Note that I will only marinate the meat and fried noodle? Oh perhaps its simple, but hey U dun expect me to cook the most complex meal at first trial.., rite? Cos thats damn expensive and wasting and totally useless cos for sure I won't succeed! :D

Soooo, lets take one step at a timeee! <3

Sincerely --> Miszc Capu! 8DD

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