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Monday, March 28, 2011

Before U Go! :)

Before You Go - Movie version! :)

Love all the Hotties!
And Nice Song + Story! :) Altho when i first watch, it reminded me of Zhang LiYin and Xiah Junsu "Timeless" MV! ^^

But WT*%*%&.. Why must Go Ara be in here!!!!
OMGOMGOMGS I can't accept this.. Totally can't! 
That is sooo unacceptable.. 
How dare she.. Touch, huggie my Hubby Jung like that! 
This is **)^_^* I cant accept such an act! 
Yunho shipper... Lets raid and kill that girl! *Evil grin*
How dare U ara!

Oh Yunho-sshi! U r so fucking Hot! But i have to admit! 
Shim Changmin is in his own real prestigious standard! :D Awww MinnieMax, That is Sugoooi!~ 
TVXQ : Keep Your Head Down MV

This is one of the most powerful song! In My list! One of my favorite Upbeat Korea/Japan song after Purple Line, Rising Sun, etc. :D KYHD! A super powerful song! Geee.. Seee! they still can perform better!~ Oh no. Not bashing JYJ! Thats just a fact! :D 

Love this!~ No matter how much I want to obey You, but HoMin-sshi i just could not keep it down! :D

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