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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Mommy!

I just had a fight with mom! *sadly, that's the truth*
And NO! We have not yet reconcile! :((

Just now I chat with someone, My Unnieeee! ^^ She was married 3 years ago, one of my beloved cousin sister! And she had a twins and one baby boy! She works as a Marketing Executive or something like that! Sooo that means as a career woman, she is kinda busy! a lot busy.. I talk to her.. and blah blah. 
She told me a lot of her children. All the stories from how she handle the twins, how they makes her mad, how stressful her life as a mother is, how this, how that. All about Unnie's Mommy Diary! :D Fun to hear. Very interesting!~ She sounds soo pissed and tired.. But.. 
Then she started to talk how she talk to her babies when they were born, of the labor process, of how cute her kiddos are, how lovely and how when she saw them, all burden on her shoulder is lift off. She felt sooo free just by listening to her talk. And Ooo., seriously if u listen to her talk, U will, *like me* feel sooo touch and amazed and... everything! ^^ 

I'm soo touched Unnie! Honestly! Sooo much! :) I loveee ur stories.. *actually it really made my guilt bigger and feel worse than before* but One more thing! AWwwweee U make me sooo giddy and i cant wait to experience the same thing as U do! honestly! I wanna be Mommy too! :) <3 

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