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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Happiness is not a gift.

It is something, like other things, that U have to work and strive for.. Strive for it and grasp it with ur hand, hold it tightly on ur palm.. But no matter how tight ur hold is, one day u have to open up ur palm and it will walk away from u.. blown away by the wind.. fly away and captured by someone else in need..

U let it go.. to be captured by someone else.. We are only one person.. IF we let it go, it will bring happiness to more people. Giving hope to those in the brink of hopelesness.. That's what is more important. Life isn't only about I, ME, You. It's about US. Life works that way. Nothing last forever. Just treasure whatever U have now and appreciate all the reason lies behind whatever been happening. We share, give and take.. Fairness and balance of each.

Never lose hope for Hope will never leave man unless when we permit that to happen.

And because Wind will never stop blowing. Happiness from our grasp will be blown away, but there are still so much more for us to catch and hold on to. <3

by : The Cutest Me! <3 

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