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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random! :D

It only has been like one month.. But, exam is coming up in less than a week time. Gosh i could hardly breathe from all this assignments and projects and proposals .. Presentation and all the evaluation. Now have to be ready for my final exam! Honestly, i don’t know what i feel rite now. I’m not sure if its nervousness, fear, confidence. In fact, i Don’t think i feel anything. Why did my heart feel sooo calm..  gosh Heart! Please beat more. I dun care if U rise up to level of tachycardia but please show me some adrenaline rush! Please rush me to work faster. Please rush me to works much better! I seriously do not understand my body and brain. Mind, Heart & Soul! :D Altho.. Erm i really hope I could study everything in this short while. And hope my brain will work efficient enough and remember everything that i studied all this while! :D I dun even feel as if I’ve been studying but whatever! Hwaiting!~ 

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