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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just in life...

We have a lot of things we want to do. that we wish for. that we wish we have and wish to have. That sometimes we are so into it that we tend to forget of other important things. Sometimes in life, when things that we cared for so much, that we want really bad, that we would do anything and die for, does not goes the way we wants it to be. that it go wrong, mistaken or not becoming what we expect it to be.. it is best for us to let it go. There is no need to hold on to something that we cared so much for all this while when at the moment U are also given a chance for a better-ness, for a much niceeer future. Just let it go cos when u let it go that U will be able to grab and hold on to something new.

Just that is how life is. I'm not saying that life is that easy. It depends. but basically, that is how things should work rite? :)

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