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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just thinking..

I want a life where races, religions, background, status, (money?) is not an important matter. Where people could live freely, chat happily, eat together, walk or even run together. A life where everyone loves each other. Where fairness and justice sustained the life of mankind. Where we can be happy just the way we are. Without thinking much on what people think of us.

I used to live a happy life. A happy and carefree life during my high school years where we don't care of who your parents is, what races are you, what your religion is.. And all this crap la.. We had fun in whatever we did. We enjoy each other presence and let things goes on how it should be. 
But now, personally I think things are not working that way anymore.. Is it me or does it really happens? i believe the latter. I really don't understand people anymore. I know we should not complain on this or judge people and everything. Just somehow I am dissapointed with it. LOL what for u spent years of learning Civics and Moral subjects if at the end all of it just gone to waste. U are not even practising it. 

I believe the most important objectives of learning is applying what u have learnt. Don't U think so? :) 

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