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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life Cycle! :)

For years I learned the life cycle of Microorganisms. Be it Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Helminth, Plasmodium or whatever microorganisms existed on the Earth! I worked my brain so hard memorising it... Thinking on aspects of the life of these species are interesting, honestly!~ it's like getting to know Ur new friends... :D Hehe. 

But after a while, as reaching my 20 years of life (am going 21 this year), I was totally scared and surprise of how little concern did I gave on Human Life Cycle.. Specifically on my Own Life! >.< I dunno, but I find it funny.. When I think back on how worked up I had been on studying other species, I did not really do anything (on my opinion) bizarre for my own life! I just go on with the flow.. To succeed and strive as high as I could. But I dunno, when I looked back on the past did I realised on how much time I have wasted and how much more I have left to do n-th number of things I wish to do! 

Life is short, huh? Sometimes I wonder if I have done good enough to call myself a successful person? I do wonder if I have done many good things over the bad ones. If I have been a very good person in the first place. If I have completed successfully what I have ever wanted all this while. If I have gone through this life as good as one should have been.

At one point, I felt useless. I felt as if I am nothing as compared to others. My greatest regret is that I have somehow failed some on U especially those who place their hope and trust on me. I am a human with many things and responsibility in mind. I have tried my best to satisfy others. I really hope that I have not done stuff that could burden the others. Also I have tried my hardest to ensure that I could be with everyone I love. That is a lot!~~

Thinking of how little time I have left in future. It scares me really. I really hope that I could do many wonderful things within the short amount of time. And yeah, I am legally adult! And to think of the next stage of cycle.. I'm really nervous! *praying that I could do well* Life is Indeed Short rite? ^_^

I know! U can just ignore this crappy talk! Im just emo-ing at the moment! 

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