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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emo! ♥

" Suddenly you asked me; do you know that a person can have two deaths?
I stopped breathing for a moment, before I looked deep into your dark brown orbs.

You explained to me; the first death is one’s body, and the second is the death of one’s existence. When I wanted to say something, you continued on; to let someone slip away from your memory is the same as murder. "

Beautiful right? This is taken from a story written by my friend. She wrote a love story. One is dying and this was said the night before his (character) death. Oooh, Honestly, i didn't fancy angsty or love story. But this is really a good one. Oh and she's only 17! :) 
That good rite? I love her story! The way she wrote her story makes me impressed and amazed on how beautifully written her story is, how amazing all the quotes she comes out with and on how her story can really makes me touched! :) And i love it! ♥ 

Really, I'm amazed. Add to the fact that i could never write something as beautiful! :D

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