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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Me! :D

I was asked this question : How DO u deal with a difficult customer? 

*What i wrote down is not the way i answered them at first cos U know who ask such question in early morning. Of cors my inner self and brain has not yet warmed up and i couldn't give my long..longggg speech for that. But this Question does bother me a lot!*

My suppose-to-be answer .. 

Humans are complex being. There is not such thing as difficult person, difficult customer. The person closest to U she can't possibly be the easiest person to handle, in fact he might probably be the worst to handle. So, in our job we have to be optimist and provide our customer with the best service that we could. So, in my place, I would treated all of them as the same. They are our customer, no matter what. Difficult? I don't think they are difficult. Maybe one person tends to ask more question and has highly inquisitive minds so they tend to ask to satisfy themselves with that knowledge. 
What's more important is how U dealing with them. How u talk, how u answer them and how U interact with them in ways that gives them a good impression of U *also ur workplace* and in return to gain their Trust. Trust is the key factor and main point in succeeding ur consultation and for successfully marketing ur products. This will later gives a good image to yourself, as well as ur profession and company! x) 

How was it? Oooo.. I really hope that I give this answer instead of my lame answer this morning! :((   

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