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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yah human!

Total ridiculous thing of the Month! (My world)

1. U guys DO KNOW rite that SMOKING is Bad! 
BAD in many ways. Stop saying the crap that I am not smokers so I don't know what U actually go through. Cos i treasure my life.. And also my body and I am so Reluctantly and Strongly DISAGREE of being the object of harm of UR SMOKING habit! U watch many advertisements, read many articles, see many effects of smoking. Yet U keep ur eyes closed and continue doing it. Smoking and Drug addiction in one way is very similar to one another. All is about addiction and habit. So don't look down on the drugs addict if U urself are sooooo strongly addicted to smoking! 

2. When i say or actually state the fact that the harm of 1 shisha equals to 400 of normal, mild cigarettes. U answered me back with "But the taste is nice. And, oh come on, it don't smell bad. And only for a while"!
So tell me peeps, taste is nice but it only remains temporarily rite? Please do have a pity to ur body especially Ur lungs who worked 24/7/365/infinity for keeping U alive yet is that how u pay it with? 

3. Skinship
This is like a PDA thing! Public Display of Affection! :) But hello please this is normal k, nothing to be shy about. Skinship is normal especially when U are with ur close ones. I for example, are among those who practicing this. Yet what makes me so pissed off is the fact that... this soooo-called BFF of mine, we are so used of skinship *not that i touch her at any private or inappropriate site*. But after getting a new BF, she told me to minimise or stop skinship-ing *is that a word ;)* with her! WTH! But the fact that she allows her BF who she had only known for less than 2 years to touch her..... That makes me crazeeee ok! Cos that is totally ridiculous! 

4. We are suppose to do a study on a type of drug/medications that are normally taken by public. We chose A at first. We agreed on it. After gathering lots of infos, one of my group member works very hard to convince and makes my group changeeeee the drug we had agreed on to a new one! U know what is the reason for that? Only because drug A is indicated for sexual function. And she said its very embarassing to talk about that!! OMFAG! U know what! That is the most ridiculous and lamest reason i have ever heard. And U are a what? Biology student! And baka. U have studied the anatomy of human.. And OCP/contraceptives/steroids are all drugs involved in sexual function.. and U what? Gosh that is the lamest k? And now shit cos of ur brilliantly lame reason, we have to change everything and do all the job all over again! I thanks u sooo damn a lot for that! 

-signed by ME-

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