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Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Life!

Every one of us wants a happy ending.. A happy things to end our story with. No matter what it is. All of us are searching for happiness.. But the question is, which would U choose? The one that give u what U desire at the moment or something that gives U eternal comfort although it might not be as what U desired. 
Life is Paradoxical! We can't living it with the thought that 'I would end this with this'! Cos it so not end with that. The end of A means the beginning of B. The end with B means the beginning of C.. And the list goes on. And so does our life! 

What do we really seek for in our life?
Are we searching for luxury? For living in a luxurious life where U can owns all the brand good items in the world Like seriously, i could still accept if the shoes worth RM100-300+. But seriously, what do U think when someone told you they bought and wore a shoes worth RM4K!???I mean, I know that its money so its their choice and everything. But hello! U are literally 'stepping' on RM4K which if U use wisely could have helped in many things. Geez.... But for how long does the satisfaction of all these brand good stuff might remains? Soooo many things U have to think of. All these stuff are temporary. It changes over time. Is this what U looking for? The unending and continuous lust over things... U spend too much on it yet it won't be able to give u the happiness! 

I always wondering about that. I have been sooo darn ignorant all this while that makes me somehow regrets a few things that I've done in life. The possibility of what IF do not do A and decides on B instead. Would it makes me happier and better than now? All the WHAT IFs might haunt U sometimes. And all these emotions, i dunno partly because of the raging hormones or was it cause of watching too many dramas or listening to too many love songs or was it influenced by lovebirds around? I, myself cannot stop myself lusting over things. And yes, just accept the fact that We R humans that continuously learning, searching and working on something new, something that might give u a new feelings. 

Am I satisfied with my life now? All I can say is Satisfaction and Regrets are currently is in BALANCE! :)

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