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Saturday, November 6, 2010

♥ The Chosen One Is Back! =)

Good news! Good News!!
Harry Potter is back!! :) 
When i mean back, YES Harry Potter, the most powerful and the most wanted wizard in the world : The Chosen One! He's back!! He's back! He'll be in action in 2 weeks time! 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow (Part 1) will be on screen worldwide beginning November 19, 2010!

What is so special about Harry Potter?? :) 
( in my point of view...)

1. Because its Magical stuff!

2. Because i have read the books since i was 11 years old! :)

3. Because Harry Potter : each of the book in the series, i have read it for 100xxxx each soo i can remember most of details in it! 

4. Cos i love Harry Potter. I love Hary-Ron-Hermione's relationship! :)
- I always dreamt of having friends like them and to day i have them! Although they do not possess magical power like them, but, hello, i define Magical in my own words ok!? :D

5. i love everything JK Rowling wrote in there and i simply love the story! its very hard to describe in words but i lovelovelove Harry Potter more than i love foods! :D

6. Because I know that i am a witch myself and soon i will be entering Hogwarts! Haha (Ridiculous I know) But i always had dreams of being there with Harry-Hermione-Ron!
7. Harry and Ron inspires me a lot in working hard on things I wanna do despite of all weaknesses and bad things happening!

8. Hermione Grager really challenge me with her BRAIN!! She's sooo smart weyh! ;) i really felt challenged coss she's smart-y! how can a person answered all Qs!! So envy-ing her! :)

9. I love Dumbledoree! :D

10./ I love all the magical creatures including the ELFs! 
* Do u know ELF also stand for Everlasting Friend other than referring to Dobby the house-elf and his family!? ;) *

Oh, I'm so gonna watch it! Looking forward for it! ;) 
There's many reasons of why to watch plus this will be one part of the last book! So of course U need to watch! Plus, this movie will be exactly as what JK Rowling wrote in book! It full of adventures, mysteries and exciting moments! We can watch them fighting Voldemort and see how the Magical World fall to Death Eaters and Dark Lord.. And how Harry and his friends will be fighting them together with Order of the Phoenix!! :) 

WAHHH!! Im sooo damn excited to watch! 
I cant stop twittering Harry Potter today! ;) 
- logging off : Capu, the magician-in-disguise! -

PS : Happy 5th Years Anniversary SuJu! :) 

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