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Thursday, November 4, 2010

He's My Love! =) ♥

Love is an abstract thing rite! Not that easy to describe in words! 
In fact the Limbic System and all scientific studies conducted to studied human emotions, feeling and brain remains uncomplete. Its not easy to study what's more explaining it! In fact our brain is the most complex system which large part of it remains unknown/undiscovered.  
OK! What a wonderful introduction!! :D Hehe.. 
Actually, i want to introduce u guys to my one and only loveeeee!
 Guess whooooooo???   
 Yeah, let's Welcome Mr Jung YUNHO! =)
24 years old, from South Korea, blood type A! :) 

He's the leader of DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ! 
He's the best dancer in Korea! 
He's the most gorgeous man (for me!).. Most charming and charismatic.. 
~ He's my Honeyloveydoveysweetysmexyhottie Jung Yunho!! :) ~

credit to my friend who make this awesome edited pic for me! :)

Cuteee! XD

Awesome rite?? My gorgeous man!
when love is in the air! :)

Yeah it's Him!! A guy who can makes me drool, smile and laugh like crazy!! 
Who makes me angry cosz he kissed a girl in a dramaaa!! *stop watching that drama afterwards!*

In conclusion : I adore someone like him! :) 

Psss : I still able to differentiate fantasy and reality k? 

logging out : Miszc Jung Sap! =)

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