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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Seriously ...
On my semester break, i will surely have to spend time at hospital.
Cos there will be one or two of my family members been admitted.
Last time cos of broken hands la, accident.

This time...
my grandpa was admitted cos of diabetic crisis. 
U know diabetic patients, they have restricted food and fluid intake, particularly sugar and medications. But my grandpa he's smarter than us. He has his own stock of sugar, milk to add on to his meals when we didnt notice it. and he always 'forget' to take his medications. So insulin down. Sugar high. he was admitted for more than 2 weeks! U imagined how high the hospital bill is! :((

And my father too. He was admitted cos suspected dengue fever. cos he had some high fever and fatigue... but after diagnosis of urine and blood, they found out its bacterial infections. particularly Staphylococcus sp. infections. So ok la he was admitted and for almost 1 week in hospital, his condition worsen. he can't walk, no apetite and can't even move his body!!! OMG!! Just imagine how scared me, my mum was that time.. Ohh forgot to tell.. he was admitted to the Klang General Hospital! So much of specialists being around... we inspect through medications. LOL funny actually! Im actually studying it! But i cant say a word cos im not in clinical training yet. So we decided to transfer my dad to Pantai Medical Centre. That morning, the doctor from PMC runs a thorough full body check ups and inspect medicines and all la.. The conclusion is.... U know what that NOTSTUPID,BUT CARELESS-IGNORANT PEOPLE WEARING THE WHITE COATS and Stethoscope has actually gives er... we can say unsuitable medicines therapy and can be classified as Class D medication errors. But thank god he's getting better. But of course la accompanied by his constant nagging and whining and refusal to take his medicines...

Now pity ur daughter! Seriosly! Im having a headache! Constant throbbing on my forehead of being in hospital since the past 2 weeks (Not all time, but most of time) and now my dad back at home, still have to take care of him... Forcing him to eat and to take medicines which he hardly comply! *Serious headache* Ohh not to mention, the bill of hospitalisation and medicines is damn high!! Plus its from Medical Centre!! Oh my headache worsen! Even Paracetamol cant help me!! 

Sooo in conclusion.. Hospital is really my 3rd vacation destination ek? :D 

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