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Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Nov 6, 10 ;)

I dunno why but i have a lot of things in mind. I dunno whether i should write here or not but i will simply write. whether beneficial or not, i don't care. Hehe. cos my hand just cant stop from switch on my lappy and to login to FB, Blog, Twitter, Tumblr, Live Journal, WordPress and many other accounts! WOW! Haha.. XD

As for my Twitter account, i actually forgot my password and even my username! Seriosly! Haha. But after the news of JYJ now In Twitter!! Yeah, u heard it right! JYJ In Twitter! So apalagi, i work hard to figure out my passord.. Luckily i get my username from one of my Friend! Hehe.. So, then now TWITTER-ing all Night! :D All day pun actually! ;) 

Just to let u know :: (Yeah, i purposely announce this!) 

My FB : Miszc Jung Sap [ My Profile ] 
My Twitter : MiszCSap Twitter-ing! ]
Other accounts >> TOP Secret! :D


Ooo, by the way since im in my house now, i actually forgot that i still have exam next week.. Like seriosly, YEAH I forgot about it! :D No Joke! Maybe to SYOKS talking with my siblings, foster mummy-kittys bond and outings with my family so i forgot! ;) OMG! Seriosly! PharmTech! I need my full concentration nowwwwwwwwwww! Why in the midst of Biology and Chemistry and all Pharmaco, Immuno suddenly i found Physics at the end of the road?? Haha. Fuhh! Not so dramatic k? Geez... ^_^

Also, i just realised something! :) 
I'm talented in advising people!! OMG! Seriosly!! No Lies! Haha. Seriosly! I always feel the urge of go advise people no matter la whatever problems either emotional, psycho, mental, love (although i have no experience! NONE!!) and also health care or chemical stuff!! Weeeeeeeee!~~ So happy advising people!! Now i know what to do soon!! :D Hehe. Patient counselling will be a good course next semester! ;) 

Okie, now OFF to bed! Mosquitoes and family are attacking me and i have donated enough blood for them.. So see ya Pinky Baby tmlo! :) 

Niteys!~ =) 
Logging off : Miszc Jung Sap
(4.16am, 6th Nov 2010)

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