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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is What Happened When Your Brothers Are KPOP Lovers! =)

I would like to stress that my brothers is perfectly normal. And this situation is just some jokes between us and yeah it did happened but in reality all people here is not G- or L-case ok? We just a fans who love them! Love You-Know-Who! *Wink*

Situation 1

-     Due to my great fascination and addiction to this gorgeous Dong Bang Shin Ki, the so-called Dong bang virus also spread to my dear brothers!
-     This virus is more contagious and widespread and epidemics than the influenza itself! It can infect human : kids, young, adult, elderly. Male or female. From West to East, North to South!
-    Back to the case, yeah my brothers not a great fans like me but they apparently love stalking my dearie DBSK! They also love some of the songs and MVs especially that of Mirotic album! OMG!! Just imagine, everyday they will watch the Mirotic, Wrong Number and Loving You MV! Even memorising some part of the songs and the danceeee!! :DD Guess who’s their favourite member(s)? Hehehe. And tell u what, they even steal some of my button badge with DBSK pic printed on it and stole some of my posters!! *wink*

Situation 2 : When ur brother has a FREAKING LIKING to them!

-      I asked u to guess who their favourite member rite?? The answer is Kim Jaejoong!!! Seriosly!! They even fight with me every day!! OK we fighting for Kim Jaejoong coss its so weird when ur brother... They really adore him.. Like seriously?? OMG!! When a guy said Jaejoong was so sexy, fucking hot and pretty with baby like face, what will u feel?????? And also!! WTH!! Why must dey compare and criticise my sweetoloveydovercharmingcuteydazzlinggorgeous hubby JUNG YUNHO!!! OMG!!! Just imagine how we bickering over this thing every day!! :D
-      OMG!! Yeahh!! U understand rite rite?? U were thinking what I’m thinking now rite rite?? But nope, they aren’t G-case! Haha.

Situation 3 :: Take a look at Ayumi Hamasaki’s Blossom PV (with kim jaejoong in it!)
-      I really suggest u guys to take a look at it cos actually the storyline of this MV and the song is really good and meaningful! Seriosly! Especially if u understand la.
-      Just imagine my case à I was watching BLOSSOM PV At nite!! And emo-ing cos u know the guy had cancer and will die soon and was going to celebrate birthday and everything and knowing he had less than a month to survive and not telling his GF and he would die anytime soon and all kind of EMO-ing!!
-      Suddenly ur brother sat beside u... And just just U know what he said???
-      OK I Will tell You!! He said ::
“If Kim Jaejoong really like me.. as in LIKE LIKE, that LIKE..
 I would turn myself gay for him!!”
-      OMFG!! So now u understand me>??? U know what i did after that??? I totally Shut-ed up with his words!! OMGG!!!

OK from this 3 situation, u know what is the outcome???

I will tell you! Hehe.
-      Creating a new, secret, hidden folder to hides and store all of my DBSK pictures especially KIM Jaejoong pictures.
-      Counselling session for my brothers
-      Hides all my DBSK items/stuff/merchandise and recheck my ‘stock’
-      Hides most of my DBSK MVs or concert videos!
-      Limited and actually no access at all to my KPOPs folder and lappy!

Ok this is for fun ok! Please do not think negatively or badly about this.
I love my brothers! ;)

LOVE DBSK forever!

PS :: Top 10 Most Frequent Words in Twitter at Japan is DBSK! (7th place)

Specially from;
Miszc Jung Sap  =)
(Jung Yunho’s Wifey and DBSK Eternal Lover)

Music : Hug and Miduohyo


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