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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Latest Updates of My Life! XD

Good news :: Exam will be over soon!! next week Tuesday!! Yippieeee!~
* And ok la, leave aside NFNF2252 and NFNF2074, other papers i think i did ok la... =) And I am Happy!! cos i want to go Zoo, Genting, Shopping, meeting old frenziee! XD

Bad News :: No WORK!!!
( I nd Money! i want the Esprit Unique Elegant bracelet Watch 

which cost about 1/7 th of my semester scholarship!)
I want it soooo badly!! :)) -Now i wanna be a millionaire! 

Not to stand next to Oprah in the Forbes but cos i want that Esprit watch! ;)-

So JOB Hunting mission is ON as Of Today! XD

( read my specially prepared resume! ) 

>> Who want to hire me? Im 20 years old, single but not available, A+ blood type, healthy, not too talkative, lazy to wake up early in morning!! the most important is my brain can function well only in certain conditions.. and i dun like crowded place.. Money not my main goal! i just want experience! But of cors i want my salary althou not that much! ;) i prefer office, bookstore, lab, study environment to work in! I don't like CrowDED place! :) <<

So any Jobs for meeeeeeeeeeeee???
Did i pass the interviewwww?? ;) Contact me! Haha..

* Same post? Hehehe.. :D 

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