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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Welcoming Speech! :D

Annyoeng! :) 

Welcome! This is my new blog. I have two blog in total but i feel like i want to make another one. Why?? I really couldn't figure why! 
And this is not exactly a welcoming speech! its simply my blabbering from my random mind! ;) 

I am busy with my study! Seriosly, i willl die any second if its not coss of strong motivation from people. and of cors i kept telling myself to just go with it! So i have not been able to login in to my own account and my brain is too tired to think of something to write. Actually, there's a lot of things in my brain just that i don't want this things to mixed up! :D 

So i think (i have one whole day free of books) and im using it too create a new blog. I am not that good in this IT thing so i get confused for a while thinking how to create a new one. Cos they keep telling me email invalid, password invalid and all the invalidity in the world. So after almost 3 hours, i successfully creating it!! Huzzah! :)) 

I still maintain my old blog. :) U know why??
* Because i think when one day i had kids, i want them to read what i wrote.. Haha. So we can share the happy mummy-kiddos bonding! to foster good, healthy and not oh-so-formal mother-kids relationship! Hahaha.. I imagined to much, didnt I!? ;) 

Oh by the way, my final exam will be over soon!! After tuesday, 12pm i will officially be a one-month FREE girl!! Free from lectures and labs! Not from BOOKS!! I can't live without them seriosly! :) 

So means i will spend more time BLOG-ing! Gee.. Of course la rite, I am So Free from anything. and a JOBLESS person as I Am! What else to do beside eating, sleeping and shopping! XD

Take care, Have a nice day! =) 

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