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Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is MUCH More Beautiful When U Start Believing! :)

-quoted from A Friend of Mine! :) -

I love that phrase sooooooooooo very much! :) I love it so much. 
It's very beautiful and is indeed very meaningful to many things in life, Mine and Yours on whoever choosing to believe. 

So yes. Believing is one thing. Believing is an essential step to take before U can hold and keep a faith. Faith is faith. Believing/Trusting is main component of faith. Faith is the core, the bigger and most essential things. U need to have a faith on someone /something /some power and some anything. When U believe, then only U may see it. It's hard to say it and to explain it. LOL i'm random and i came out with all this phrases and things randomly that leads to creation of such phrases .. But yeah. That's what i'm feeling.

And lately. Hm. Altho it's non-essential and firstly, i would like to warn U people to not follow what I am doing. But, yeah. I'm talking about the AKTF thing! :DD 
*note to those understanding it* 

Who didn't, then it's ok! :) 
Cos Cassiopeia is a star of the southern sky that always will be there to guide those who were lost and whom seeking for directions to where they belongs. <3
- and a promise is a promise and no matter what the outcome is, and whatever might happen in the future, I've decided and chose to Believe and to continue keeping the Faith! - 

LOL I feel like Shakespeare!! :DDD

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