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Friday, December 16, 2011

Emo Time! :)

I don't know what make me actually think of this.
But somehow. In life. I mean in real life. *not academic and work and stuff*
I'm referring to the life we gonna live. sentimentally, emotionally. and all about family, friends, love. 

So, yeah. in life. 
It's not Perfection i'm looking for. 
Not the awesome, perfect person and story as HUMAN *me included* think they ought and suppose to have. 
I think the best thing. Thing i actually wanted the most to happen is to have and be someone needed by the other. to be the warmth and the light to shine and warmed the life of the other. and to complete the piece that is perfecting the imperfection of the other.

:) Awee romance and the random senti-moment! XD

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