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Monday, December 26, 2011

Previously I think I could live just like who I am. Cos honestly i have this hugeeee group of people called friends so I don't really bother and i don't really care about family. 
But TRUTH is, and I am glad i had the chance to realise that family is really the most important element in one's life. 
I actually hated to spend time with family (including grandmas, aunts and uncles) cos all they talk about is business and academics! Sorry but those two are subjects i hated the most. and i hated it. My young self rebelling!! XDDD but soon after finished high school. and after i've been sent away from family, living 'alone', just imagine how much I regret not really appreciating my chances of being with family, of having them and having them scold/lecture/talk to me. 

We're getting busier every single day every single moment. and holiday is very short. 
and i wish we could be given a chance to return back to the day where we not need think about money, work, study, business. 
but that's not true. At least now, even a rich 5 minutes of talking to any one of yr family members makes ur shoulder lighter. makes some, if not all the stress lifted up from yr brain and makes yr day brighter. Just the thought of having 2-3 days break and getting to spend them with yr precious family itself give that warm and incredibly awesome feelings! :) 

Anyways. Happy Christmas. Happy HOLIDAYS! :) 
And lets spend the last days of Dec 2011 with happiness, joy and full of spirit. <3 

psss : 
nope i'm not holiday-ing. I have study break to fill in with extra study.
and ish meeting jeannie soon!! ^_^ Awwe i'm ecstatic! =) 

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