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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just Me! :)

So i just had this in mind. When i kind of reminiscing my past. My memories. All the times of the past i could recalled of. I must say I am proud of most of the things happening in my life. Of how i changed over time. How myself improving and constantly changing, all i owed to those who directly and indirectly came across my path, being one of the person who changes every bit of my life. Making it happier, sadder?, more interesting than it would've been if just living this life alone. No matter how close or further apart we were, no matter how much involvement U have in my life since I were born. I must say, I'm GLAD of meeting every single one of you. 

The sweetest or most bitter memories. Or whatever person U were once being labelled as by the Mighty Me, I, as a bipolar person myself, is sincerely thanking U guys even if U are unaware of it yourself. 

XD Haha. LOL that was a mess. But ne. Feeling like writing tis!! :))

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