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Friday, December 16, 2011

Random-ity of Life!

So. there goes my perfect study plan. the supposed to be (24x5) hours full of study and revising when mommy decided to take half-day leave from work and fetch me up from college. I should've expected this to happen. LOL a free vacation. And mmg totally book free! :D Yeah.

And no. It's just a random travelling. Non-planned. No special place to visit. Simply going at will. yeah. Cos daddy suddenly decided it's fun to do that. Back-packing konon. last-last everybody pun skipped work! :DD haha. For 3 days! :) That's epic! But NICE! :DDD
Not much of shopping. Seriously we were acting like a very carefree people. Walking without any aims and just walk and talk and chat like we're the happiest, free-est people on Earth! :) 

But that's really are good 72 hours + xx hours of travelling! :) 

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