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Thursday, December 22, 2011


in life..
as in the R E A L life..

Accept the fact that U can't really get everything U wanted. 

We needed and wanted lots of things but do bear in mind that it's not all can be ours. What's most important to U? that U have put on your all, give the best out of you and getting or not getting it doesn't matter. the satisfaction and knowing that you've strive hard and good enough is what's needed. Or the outcome of it? It's not wrong to choose any but i sometimes pity those who do all the terrible stuff just to get whatever they wanted. But in the end, even if U really get it, can U look back and say that U are proud of yourself, truly proud of what U have done and proudly tells those to others? and even when U didn't get to reach the outcome, it doesn't mean U are a failure. there are lots of things U actually gained and learned from it, and that's what most important.

Even then, it is DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT to give Up on anything that U have. 

Not even a single thing. Giving UP is simply a NO! U should know where to stop, when U need to say U had enough and why U leave it be. But Giving UP is NOT that. It's like letting go of hope, of something that U once had been very proud of. We all have our own share of misery, but giving UP is certainly not what a human should do. and that defines the real failure. 

psss : Congrats to my Sister for her exam result! Yeah. I'm proud of you, dongsangieee! XD

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