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Sunday, December 11, 2011

more rant! :D

One thing i'm always soo pissed off with is for the award ceremony voting. How high the standard of the award I wonder. So waeee, waee.. When U make an award of Best Male Singer. What does BEST means? Best in performing his song, done his job awesomely and superbly or really is best in winning the hearts of fans? 

If it is up to me, I will not waste that much of time in voting cos really. If U kind of able to predict what the end will be, then why waste your time. Sometimes I want to tell and make them see sense. Haloooo. Being famous doesn't mean they are good or really the best in the category owkee? Fame is one thing. But stop acting so stupidly and being so ignorant. Just because You Are A big Fan, It doesn't mean U are obliged to vote and do all that stuff for him! That is why. It's a matter of principles and correct brain processing skills. :)

Please forget that I ever said this! :DD

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