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Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 ends .. (part 1)

It's nearly end of 2010! :DD Oops i kinda excited about it! Btw, i felt happier this time cos i managed to 'i know its not much' but get a good result last sems! Huzzah! Now im motivated! activated to maintain and gain more! XD

Year 2010 marked my significant 2 decades of living in this world! :) Oooo, it's scary cos the number has changed from 1 to 2.. And its a big reminder that im growing older which means that soon i would have to 'seriously WALK on my OWN'! :D Few more years, i would have to go to work.. Soon i will repeat the normal human cycle : like get married, get kiddos! HAha. My parents are too excited about this! :) We've been to a lot of discussion regarding this matter! And know what, my parents and I, we went to lots and lots of Wedding Shops! Haha. Funny time if u see how excited ur normally serious father is when he looks through the gifts collections, flowers and all that.. all the unnamed! ;) 

This means that I have to be seriously thinking ahead as of now! Its not bad to be playful, childish but has to manage la.. Its not easy to be serious all the time! :) And it wont work of being a childish brat!  ;D I have to study hard to graduate excellently! To prepare hard for my future jobs! To make a plan so that i will not turn crazy in early age for the hell of study i have to be IN for the next 3 years and years to come! ;)

Sadly, in my case.. being busy means you have less and less time for something! things u love to do.. Time to spend with ur Besties... With all this nerve-wrecking tight schedule and the abnormalities in time management its hard for u to meet people! I, for instant, has not been meeting this person for almost five months now!!! When was the last time we meet? Ermm.. I dun remember! When im in holiday, she would be having exams. When i were free, she would not be here. And when im soooo damn pack with works, i need to find a little time to be spend with my precious besties! XD Not that im complaining but thats just the way how my life is starts from now on... And im so NOT neglecting things that I have ever forever love! Just time doesn't allow me to be so much involve in it.... There are many things i would have to focus on.. I wish i would have some time for it, wish to be there again... But somehow... its complicated.... I really wish to....

***** TBC *****

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