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Monday, December 27, 2010

4 months of sems break beginning 2011??

There has been a proposal and discussion done on this matter.. About re-scheduling the semester and study programme for all tertiary education center in Malaysia. To standardize the schedule of our institution as that in the UK, US and other foreign countries.. That means 4 months of Semester Break for Summer Holidays and Our Festive Season. Which according to 2011 calendar, the institution new semester will reopen only after the Eid! :) I attended a meeting today with my lecturer and she highlighted about this matter to us to help us rescheduling our plan of activities for the next semester..

At first the idea of such a long break really tempt and excites me! Cos like seriously.. 4 months worth of break? Who wouldn't like it, don't you? ;) After months of struggling and working ur brain and ass out! Seriously, that is one worthy thing rite rite rite? At least u can enjoy the holiday till the max and do lots of stuff and ends up died of boring-ness! Boredom! :DD

But personally.. When I think back of this matter, i feel ermmm not ridiculous or impossible.. but i just feel that it is so unreasonable to do so! Not that i disagree totally on it but i just think the bad implications is more than what we will actually obtained from this long break!! U guys wanna work? Like seriously? OK some might want it! But just to be truth, i prefer studying than working! And like what... 4 months break? I think 1 month break already make my brain freeze.. And unable to remember in other words, forgetting everything i've been studying before! But 4 months break?? I think i will seriously forgotten everything i have ever studied for the past 4 yearssss! :DD

Comparing our education standard and programme and all that, we can't deny ours is good.. But if we see the way the students of our country are learning and the 'custom' of study and the syllabus of study and all.. I think we are ermm not incompetent, just that... What i meant to say is that, most of our student studied basically for the exams! and they will easily forget what they studied after a short celebration of the end of exams! And whats more after a long break. That's why ermm we can say that most students (me included) has not mastered the subject we suppose to real well.. Just like for short term like that! Then we don't have anything to do during the break and like seriously, most of our student are not the type to study (that includes me), especially during the break! ;) Like yeah! What do u think! But ermmm i do study a 'little' bit, ok! Not that i leave everything! :D

Ermmm on other side, i think if the government really granted, approve of this proposal.. I think the university through the faculty itself should think of a 'sems break programme' like giving out assignments, practical, or having activities like a workshop or conference or something sooo that even at slow rate, we are still learning! Oooo but i think (proposal for my Faculty), hehe. We should do things like what the AIMST Univ did! :D Interuniversity Camp and conference... or we do something more practical than being in labs and memorising things in books! :DD Practical in Guardian Rx sounds good! XD 

** Note! This is not an opinion from a qualified author! ;) Hehe.

Niteys! :D 

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