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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Going Crazy! >D

I have the same dreams since the last 3 days! Not only at night but also when i sleep during the day! Of the same person.... But at different scenario of course! ;) I am happy not that im complaining! Just that im too happy to the extent i’m going to go crazy of believing such things are real! :DD Again im not complaining! Who knows that it will become true real soon!! ;)) Haha.

What dream is it? ;0 Ermmmm it’s about a person and few people in my ‘My Dream Guy’ lists!! OMG!!!!!!! Haha. Guess who?? ;) I really ecstatic before sleep cos i know I will dream of him again! XD Could it possibly be that he were my Fated Soulmate/Partner?? Haha! :D He soooo going to be : In my dream, in my reality!! And i am Einstein great great granddaughter! :DD Keh, keh! :D

See.. That’s the result of dreaming too much! I myself could not see the important point of my writing here!! XD  I hope i will not lose too much brain cells from all this craziness!! ;)

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