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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Honestly, our community seems to have some rules which i think was ridiculous or unnecessary!

Let aside about our custom and all.. This is based on a true story.

Story 1 : Relationship between a young male teacher and a form 6 female student.

This girl was somewhat a typical country girl. I don’t know her that much, but she seems to be the quiet and soft type but strong and intelligent, nonetheless. She seems to attract her teacher’s attention greatly. The normal student-teacher relationship soon blossomed to love! They indeed fall in love with one another. And if im not mistaken they both agreed to be together before the girl leave the school. And after 3 years (now), they are still together and is getting engage this coming May.

Story 2 : Relationship between a young lecturer  and a university student

This university student (female) is a normal girl from KL! She’s not too much of what but attractive and intelligent as well. This young lecturer is one of wanted bachelor (with PhD and all, sooo u noe la rite?) .. And they secretly in a relationship with one another. But i doubt that! Who would say they want to keep it low when they went to a place full of student from same Uni openly together!

This two story actually revolves around the same circle. See : it’s between student and their educator (teacher/lecturer) just they may have occur at different phase and stage. But what makes me feel weird is our people assumptions on this two different couple.

I am not phobic or antis of any of them. Just this makes me wonder. How people come to accept couple in story 1, celebrating it happily. But the other was like have to makes many assumptions and criticising couple in story 2? I was once feel a bit unsatisfied as well cos Uni is different story than school where lecturer has direct interference with our achievements and exams score so this may affect many things. But after a while of thinking and after listening to story 1 which was foretell to me by my coursemate, i think we are just being unfair. We are so unfair to couple 2! Honestly! Maybe it might not be too scandalous if they keep it low and not too widely open. They need to greatly think of their reputation rite? But, haisz. They maybe has made mistakes there by giving bad impression to people.

Whatever. But this 2 relationships was actually forbidden rite? Not taboo but forbidden! I don’t know why! Maybe cos to keep the education system safe and to ensure the clean image of the profession or something like that! But now i decided! J I will not be unfair to people! XD And spread the love all over the world! >D

*Oops im not making any sense here, please forgive me!

Happy Early Christmas, peeps! ;)

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