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Sunday, December 19, 2010

When New Sems Started! :D

When new sems started, it means u have to be ready for a long tiring scheduled lessons, prepare urself mentally and physically for a long-hour of a boring talk! Also, for a lot of labs practicals... Dun forget to get ready with a long rolls of papers to write down all notes... Be ready to open and carry around a thick, expensive and worn-out library books... to study like a maniac for fear of tutorial, pop quiz and test!! :D LOL u have to or u wont be able to answer a single Qs!! ;) and getting good grades is not easy people! XD

I have long list of tasks to be completed especially by beginning of January! Magazine to be completed. Reports to be submitted! And yeah to help out in editing a written essays! XD And im sooo crazyyy rite now! I dont know what im doing!! :(( LOL Pity my bloggie and FaceBook-ie esp my Twitter!! I totally forgot! Everything was unorganised!! XD And i dun know the reason of why im creating all this accounts! :D And yeah soo long have not been chatting!! Gosh totally! I talk damn alot toniteeee! ;) 

A new day tomorrow! Lets start the week full of energy! Above all I hope all my important tasks will be completed systematically and efficiently unlike my blogs/twitter/etccc.... ;) 

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