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Thursday, December 23, 2010

MyKid Me! :D

I want to be kids again! I envy them, seriously!! They live a carefree life! Enjoying their freedom and fantasy! Creating memories! Playing without care of the world! Happy of almost everything! 

I wanted that tooooo!! :( U don't know how weird my childhood is!
U know how much have I wasted last time!! LOL U wouldn't believe it even if i wrote 1001 pages of what i did in my childhood life!! Really weird if u compare the two different ME!! :DD A thousand salute to those who was involved in my transition stage to who I am today! ;)

And now i feel the burden slowly rising up!! And by next week it will drastically level up to the extent that i will turn seriously crazyy!! I will!! So be prepare for the Crazee me!! XD Over lectures, books, assignment, soon-to-come lab reports!! Gosh!! I hate-love my life!!! 
Like seriously, can i return back to the past please please? and can i just remain there?? I dont want to grow at all!! Please please take my growth hormone! Supress my GH secretion!! Professor McGonagall transfigure me back to 'MyKid' age!! I wanna be Kid again!!! I dont want to be a 20 y/o lady!! Please please i would give u lots and lots of Cutey KITTYs for Christmas and New Year!! :)) 

Bwahahahahaha.. Lame and Crazeeee! Yeah i know! 
That perfectly describes me, peeps! 

Niteysss!~~ :)

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