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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Me! -part 1-

Let's get to know each other shall we? 
2010 will end in less than 48 hours but I have not yet introduce myself properly! *OMGS!
Name : Miszc Jung Sap! =)
D.O.B : 22nd July 1990 ( i am 20 y/o but not OLD okie!)
Where i come from : Mummy --> Klang --> Currently studying in UKM, KL! :)
Blood type : A+
Height and Weight (current) : 167cm, 47.5 kg
Hair color : Black
Siblings : 6 (one elder bro, 2 younger bros and sis)

Hobby : Read, Observing people, talk, voice out my opinion, cleaning 
Favoritesss ...
- Color : Red, Blue, White
- Book : All except tragedy and romance
- Subject : Chemistry and Biology - Hate calculation! 
- Food : Everything esp the simple, home-cooked meal
- Place : Wherever my beloved were
- People : Those who love and love

I love love.....

1. My Family and Friends (U know who u are)
2. DBSK : Mostly Mr. Jung! ;) But i'm easily tempted and seduced with the gorgeousness of Jaejae, Max, Micky, Xiah! ---> I love them all for sure! XD 
3. Cassiopeia esp. my little role-play family, hehe
4. Animes, Manga
8. Camera and pictures

My dream...... (more to future plan!)

^^ Success in everything... To graduate with excellent results! ;) 
## To go to an island with my WHOLE family! 
^^ To accomplish all the vacation plan with my friends..
## Next reunion of my school batch which will be in 5 years time - I hope to meet all the people i love.. 
     To forget every stupid things we've done in the past! And to chat happily *my expertise* with them! ;)
^^ Get a whole collections of all books i love :: Harry Potter, Eragon, Apprentice, Magic Wizards, the Historian, etc....
## New lappy :: MacBook! ;)

This is random! Actually i intended to write something else... But while writing... i forgot la pula! ;) Hehe
Off off! ^_^

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