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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gulliver's Travel

I just came back from watching this new movie which has just been released today : Gulliver's Travel! :) 

For those who might not know, this movie is actually a novel-based story. A fiction of Gulliver's life! The role was played by actor Jack Black! :D He's awesome as always! And he played the role really well!! It looks sooo real and i think the messages from the story was delivered really well to the audience! :) 

What is the story about?? [ Hermmm, im sucks at summarizing things but i hope this is ok! :D ]
Gulliver is a single, young man working as Mail Boy in the city of Manhattan! He loves to brag a lot of himself but afraid of facing the world in a braver way cos lack of confidence and fear of rejection (i assume).. But, he's been soooo in love with this one young lady, Daisy. He talks highly but he never did anything that will makes him better and to make his wishes true.. The Gulliver's travel begun when he was assigned by Daisy to uncover the mystery of Bermuda Triangle, but instead he reached a place, a kingdom consists of all small people! So from there everything begins.. From a mailboy to a gigantic 'beast' to a kingdom saviour to a respected man and so-called President Of Manhattan City to a loser who only lied and to the greatest savior back when he chose to save people whom he loves and treasure. XD Ermm i think u better watch it yourself! :) I storongly recommended this, people! So don't miss it! ;>

In my opinion, it is really a very good, interesting and funny story! :D Full of messages besides all the joke they make and really it makes me think of my life as well... And the most important part is.... i watched it with my long lost best best best friend Miss J! :DD So that makes my movie more awesome as ever! Yo Miss J @ Jeannie, i am praising u right now!! Im giving u my thousands love here! Hehe.

Back to the story :: 
* Gulliver found many things in his travel at the 'Small people Kingdom' : of bravery and courage, of friendship and loyalty, of love and sacrifice... Above all is to never think u are useless u know... I love what he said at the end of the story >> "There's NO Small Job, there are only small People!".  So, it means with big heart, u will have big courage which will helps u to overcome the biggest challenge and to realise what u've been wishing for, no matter who u are. 

Although he was only a mail boy, a loser from beginning who then turn to be a liar to amaze people, yet he still have a pure heart and to treasure what he have : courage and love is what turn him to do the best and to save the Kingdom from that stupid, power hungry moron General.. oops, deputy General Edward! XD Hehe. And he also managed to rejoin peace between the two kingdom in war with one another. 

Signing out : Miszc Jung! :)

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